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Author Archive | Sean Cooke

Requirements for Law School Admissions

The requirements for law school admissions are in many ways similar to the requirements for admission to undergraduate programs. But applying to law school requires some important additional steps. I remember when I applied to law school I was surprised at how much time it took to gather all of the materials I needed! This […]

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What is the Spanish LSAT?

The Law School Admission Council now offers a version of the LSAT in Spanish. But the Spanish LSAT, which LSAC offered in 2015 for the first time, is a good fit for only a small portion of law school applicants. This post provides all the details you need to determine whether registering for the Spanish […]

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How to Apply for LSAT Accommodations

If you have a legitimate need, receiving LSAT accommodations could make all the difference in your score on LSAT test day. The LSAC makes a large number of accommodations available to candidates who qualify. However, in order to receive accommodations, you’ll need to plan ahead and follow the LSAC’s application process. What Accommodations are Available […]

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What are the Different Types of LSAT Questions?

One of the most effective strategies for earning your best LSAT score is learning as much as you can about the test and how it operates. This includes developing a full understanding of three different types of LSAT questions: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Rreasoning, and Logical Reasoning. By learning about the three types, you can begin […]

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How Much Does the LSAT Cost?

Registering for the LSAT is the first financial commitment in what is often a pricey journey toward earning a law degree. In most cases, determining your LSAT cost is fairly simple: the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) charges a “basic fee” of $190. But there are other LSAT fees that might add up. Here’s a […]

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