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  • How hard is the real test? Am I fully prepared? Have I prepared with a reliable IELTS prep? What if I can not get a good score? What can I do now? 😱

As the IELTS test approaches, some test takers may feel stressed and ask themselves these questions.

If you are worried about your upcoming IELTS test and can hardly fall asleep at night, here are some last minute IELTS tips for you to get through it!

The Second to Last Day Before the Test

Do a full length practice test, except the speaking section, from 9:00 to 11:45 in the morning.

  • Take this practice test to emulate the real exam and set a time limit for each section (30 + 10 minutes for listening, 60 minutes for reading and 60 minutes for writing).

Leave the speaking section to the afternoon and then check answers to evaluate your score.

Finally, take some time to review the past practice tests you have completed to remind yourself of your common mistakes.

The Last Day Before the Test

  • Do not do practice tests on this day!

Since practice tests are so time-intensive, you want to avoid feeling burnt-out. Also, it may cause more pressure if you don’t do well.

Check your speaking test schedule

Don’t forget to check your speaking test schedule through your test center account. If the speaking test takes place in the afternoon right after the writing test, make sure to bring some food and water so that you can feel comfortable when facing the examiners.

Review your notes and writings

If you have a notebook for IELTS, go through the notes. Also, take a look at all your writings to remind yourself of some expressions, sentence structures, and arguments.

Prepare your materials

Prepare everything you need for the next day (your ID, photo, registration number and water). 


Try to relax and sleep early! You can watch English news and listen to music before going to bed.

Test Day

Arrive early

Though the test usually begins at 9am, it is better to arrive at the exam place at 8am because you won’t be allowed to enter after 8:30am.

Go to the bathroom before the test

Despite that you are allowed to go to the bathroom in the reading and writing section, it is better to save your time to concentrate on your test because time is limited.

Focus on your test

Do not think about other issues and do not worry about the score. Just focus on your test and try to do your best!

Read questions first

After you get the listening test paper, skim all the questions so that you can get prepared for each task.

Don’t spend too much time on a single question

If you get stuck on a question in the listening section, just guess an answer and move on to the next question. In the reading section, you can answer the question later if you have extra time.

Check your personal information

Last but not least, don’t forget to check your personal information before handing in your answer sheet!

Pat yourself on the back

After all of this preparation, you might be relieved that the exam is over. Try your best not to overthink your performance and spend some time doing whatever you want, whether that’s going for a walk, spending time with friends, eating ice cream, or just taking a nap.

These are our tips to help you get prepared for the last several days before the IELTS test.

We believe in you! Best of luck ✨😊

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