10 Ways to Prep for the IELTS Over the Holidays

prep for the IELTS over the holidays

Holidays are a great time for students to prep for the IELTS because they don’t have to deal with other subjects or work. However, it is difficult to concentrate on studying because there are so many tempting things to do during the holiday. You have to spend less time on entertainment and more time on improving your skills if the test day is approaching. Take a look at the 10 ways to prep for the IELTS over the holidays and follow these tips to make the best use of your holidays!

#1 Make a plan

Make a personalized study schedule that monitors all study and entertainment activities. You need to follow your study plan every day so that you can finish all the tasks. Besides, by making a study plan, you will know what you have learned and what you need to improve in the future.

#2 Get up early

Get up early and spend some time on the IELTS in the morning. Your brain should get used to working in the morning because the IELTS test begins at 9am. Besides, the brain has more energy in the morning, so you can learn new information quickly. It also helps you to finish tasks early, so you will save some time for entertainment later at night.

#3 Get enough sleep

Do not stay up late, because lack of sleep affects your learning ability. Your brain needs enough rest to work well, so getting enough sleep during the holidays is important.

#4 Stay away from noises

It is hard to focus on the study in a noisy place. Forget about the test when there is a party in your house, because you will learn nothing in such an environment. If you want to study, find a quiet place, such as the school library, so that you can concentrate on the materials.

#5 Do full-length practice tests

Since you will have a lot of free time during the holidays, you can do full-length practice tests! You will get familiar with the test format and content by practicing with these tests.

#6 Minimize distractions

You will have a lot of distractions during the holidays. When you are studying for the test, it is better to switch off your phone and TV. Also, do not spend too much time on social networks.

#7 Find a study buddy

You can study with a friend who is also preparing for the IELTS. Practicing with a study buddy is helpful because you can learn from each other and solve problems together. For example, you can practice speaking with your friend and find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses based on the criteria.

#8 Reward yourself

Do not forget to reward yourself! It is holiday time even if you have to prep for the IELTS. After finishing your tasks, you can do some shopping, eat a slice of cake or hang out with friends for a little while. These little rewards can make you more motivated to study!

#9 Take time for exercise

Studying all the time will make you feel stressed. Take some time for exercise. You can do yoga, go jogging, or just walk around. They help you to relax and get enough energy for study.

#10 Use on-the-go resources

If you are going to travel during the holiday, use on-the-go resources to help you prep for the IELTS! Check out our post on 7 fun ways to learn English and Best IELTS prep Apps to get more useful tips!


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