The Best Apps for IELTS Students

Between school, work, and the rest of your busy schedule, we know finding time to study for the IELTS can be difficult. Luckily for you, test prep and language learning has gone mobile, and the most reputable and helpful apps don’t cost a thing. The best apps for IELTS students are free, and come from one of two kinds of publishers: companies that officially sponsor the IELTS, and larger, well-known companies for test prep and ESL learning. Read on to find and download them!

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The Best Apps for IELTS Students: Official IELTS Apps

Two apps from the official makers of the IELTS stand out: The British Council’s IELTS Word Power app and the app for the Official Cambridge Guide to the IELTS.

Of these two official apps, Word Power is by far the most useful. It contains over 100 vocabulary quiz questions. With fill-in the blank activities and listening comprehension quizzes, this app tests vocabulary skills for the IELTS Reading, Writing, and Listening sections. Because users get to hear an extensive selection of English audio, this app also has some use for developing spoken vocabulary. The speakers in the sound files can serve as an example of how to pronounce IELTS wocabulary words and use them in context.

The OCG IELTS app doesn’t really offer hands-on activities. But it’s still a very good app for IELTS students. This app gives you an extensive free preview of Cambridge’s Official Guide to the IELTS book. It includes excerpts from the book that describe and explain each section of the IELTS. And this app also comes with a library of IELTS videos. Some videos feature students performing IELTS tasks, while other videos feature short talks about the nature of the exam. Knowing what to expect on the real IELTS exam is important. And this app really helps you do just that.

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The Best Apps for IELTS Students: Unofficial Apps

The IELTS Skills App from MacMillan is a great companion to one of the official apps. The IELTS Skills App works very well as a follow-up to the tour of the IELTS that you get with Cambridge’s app for the Official Guide to the IELTS. The activities in the MacMillan App aren’t necessarily 100% IELTS-like. But they don’t need to be. The goal of the activities is to help you build the skills you need for the IELTS — skills such as good spoken and written grammar, the ability to skim and scan passages, and so on.

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The Best Apps for IELTS Students: Magoosh IELTS Prep

IELTS Prep App -magoosh

Here at Magoosh, we guarantee that our amazing content will improve your test score – but only if you put in the time. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce our IELTS apps, the Magoosh IELTS Prep App and the Magoosh IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards App!

IELTS Prep App

This user-friendly app, available on both iOS and Android, let’s you study for the IELTS right from your phone.

Video Lessons

Our app provides you with easy access to over 40 video lessons, covering more than 5 hours of IELTS content – perfect for studying while you’re on the bus!

The video lessons are divided into two sections: Grammar and Exam Topics. In the Grammar section, you can expect to see lessons on:

• Parts of Speech
• Sentence Basics
• Punctuation
• Conjunctions
• Prepositional Phrases
• And more!

IELTS Prep App -magoosh

The Exam video lessons cover the four sections of the IELTS – Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. You’ll also have access to lessons covering some important IELTS information and skills, such as:

• An overview of the IELTS
• The format of the exam
• How the IELTS is scored
• How to skim and scan
• Other tips for success!

You can adjust the speed of the videos, if a slower speaking pace is better for you. The app also makes it easy to track your progress and stay on schedule!

IELTS Prep App -magoosh

Get your IELTS questions answered!

The IELTS Prep app also puts all our IELTS resources and study schedules in one place. Check out study tips and test-taking strategies straight from our IELTS experts, or just skim our most popular IELTS articles. 🙂

Still have questions? The app also includes a function that lets you email Magoosh experts, right from your phone.

IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards App

If you’re interested in the IELTS Prep app, you’ll also love our free IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards app. This app is also available on both iOS and Android, and has more than 600 IELTS vocab flashcards to help you prepare for your exam.

Each flashcard includes the word’s part of speech, its definition, and an example of how to use the word in a sentence – plus an audio track that demonstrates how each word is pronounced!

IELTS Prep App -magoosh

The flashcards are divided up into virtual decks. Each deck covers a different category of words, including Common Words, Easy Words, Medium Words, Hard Words, and Very Hard Words.

You need a Magoosh IELTS Test Prep account to track your progress, but you can still use the app even without an account! It’s free for everyone. 🙂

We love feedback!

We’re always looking for ways to improve, so please let us know what you like about the app, and how you think it could be even better.

And while you’re waiting for your apps to download, hop on over to our free IELTS eBook, for our complete guide to everything IELTS or check out our review of the 10 Best IELTS Preparation Books.

Happy studying! 🙂

By the way, improve your IELTS score with Magoosh!

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