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Welcome to the busiest year of your high school career! Your junior year is the year that you prep for, and first take, the SAT and/or ACT. You’ll be in tough classes and you’ll take on more responsibility in your clubs and on your teams. Plus, you’ll start thinking about college. Now, you might not believe me when I say this, but junior year is actually fun. More responsibility often means more perks. The friendships that you’ve built over the last two years are strong, and thinking about the future’s endless possibilities is exciting.

10 Productive Ways to Waste Time

Procrastination gets a really bad rep when you think about it. Everyone’s always talking about ways you can stop procrastinating…but did you know? Wasting time can actually be one of the best decisions you made today! There are tons of ways you can waste time in a fun, yet productive manner. (In fact, there are […]

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