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ACT Standard Deviation

One of the first things a lot of test-takers ask is “What’s a good ACT score?” There are a couple of ways of answering this; our ACT Score Range post takes a look at some of them. What we’ll do in this post is examine another way of evaluating scores, through the ACT standard deviation. […]

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What is a Good ACT English Score?

The first sight that will greet you when you open your ACT test packet will be the ACT English section. It contains the most questions of any section on the test (75 of them!), but it only allows you 45 minutes to answer them. Your raw score will be translated into a score from 1-36 […]

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What is a Good ACT Aspire Score?

ACT Aspire tests are scored on kind of a funky scale that changes between subjects and between grades tested. For the ACT Aspire test given in grade 10 (the one that predicts your ACT scores for 11th grade), here’s how the scoring breaks down in the table below:

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