ACT Scores of Famous People


Ever wonder how your ACT scores (or goal ACT scores) stack up to the scores of the rich and powerful? In this episode of TuesdACT we take a look at certain ACT scores of famous people–from rap stars to Presidents and WWE wrestlers to Supreme Court Justices–and they certainly may surprise you.

Disclaimer: It’s hard to fact-check the test scores of famous people. Even if they announced their ACT scores or SAT scores in interviews, who’s to say they didn’t inflate them just a little, or simply have a poor memory of them? Regardless, I’m going to continue to feed the internet rumor mills with these reported test scores. 🙂

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Celebrity ACT Scores

(For celebs with reported SAT scores, I’ve converted them to the rough equivalent ACT scores below, and vice-versa.)

CelebrityACT Score (or equivalent)SAT Score (or equivalent)
Barack Obama301410*
Wacka Flocka Flame341550*
Steve Jobs321480*
Marilyn Monroe211080*
Sonia Sotomayor351580*
John Cena20 and 36 (whaaa???)1050* and 1600*
Scarlett Johansson23*1080
Natalie Portman33*1400
Bill Clinton22*1032
George W. Bush26*1206
Bill Gates36*1590
Al Gore30*1355
Peyton Manning22*1030
Ben Affleck"Near perfect" (mmhmmm)Almost 1600 (I repeat: mmhmmm)

*ACT equivalent of SAT score or SAT equivalent of ACT score

As you can see, your dreams of becoming President of the United States or an NFL quarterback need not be inhibited by average ACT scores. And there are some pretty brainy recording artists out there: Look ma, Waka Flocka Flame probably got his ACT scores with no hands. 😛

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