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  • 19 ACT Grammar Rules You Need to Know to Get a Great Score

    For a top-notch ACT English score, you need to know your grammar rules inside and out. More than half of the questions in the ACT English section test your understanding of English grammar, known on the ACT as “Conventions of Standard English” questions. Although this post won’t go through ALL the English rules to know […]

  • ACT English: Organization Questions

    ACT English essays are organization freaks; your English teacher would love them. If they don’t have clear topic sentences, they want one; if sentences aren’t in chronological order, they flip out. Well not really, but your score might if you don’t look out for these question types. So here are the most important things you need to know about organization questions on the ACT English section.

  • ACT English: Style Questions

    Some ACT English questions are about choosing the best answer — not based on grammatical correctness, but rather style or tone. Quite frequently, you’ll come across a phrase or sentence that isn’t technically grammatically incorrect, but nevertheless is confusing, wordy, or poorly written. Learn how to answer these tricky ACT questions.

  • ACT English: How to Approach Strategy Questions

    Strategy questions on the ACT English test fall under the broader category of “Rhetorical Skills” questions. To give you some context, 35 out of the 75 questions on the English test are Rhetorical Skills questions and about 11 to 15 of these are strategy questions. Strategy questions, like all rhetorical skills questions, don’t test specific […]

  • Cracking the ACT English Code: Usage and Mechanics (Part 1)

    With today’s smartphone-driven jargon, it is easy to lose sight of the foundational grammar upon which the rich English language is built: a texting dialogue filled with acronyms, sentence fragments, abbreviations and emojis doesn’t exactly hold us accountable for remembering these rules. Unfortunately, the ACT still does. With that, let’s take a look at the […]

  • Idioms on the ACT English Test

    The word “idiom” tends to make many ACT students uncomfortable. What does the word refer to, and how can it help you get more ACT English questions correct? Simply put, an “idiom” is an expression, which consists of at least two words that naturally seem to “go” together. It is something that native speakers of […]