Perks of a Small College

Have you considered going to a small liberal arts college as opposed to a large university? Well if you haven’t, here are a few characteristics of liberal arts colleges that you should really consider!


1) Small Class Sizes

Liberal arts colleges have class sizes that average 20 people and are usually no larger than 50. Such small class environments really do get you individual attention from your professors. People that I know at big universities say that their professors don’t even know their name but at liberal arts colleges, your professor will immediately recognize you if you pass by them on campus. In that way, professors will know you well so that they can really help you improve as a student.


2) Student-Professor Relationships

Related to the first point, not only will you get more tailored teaching but you will also be able to build personal relationships with your professors. Especially if you go to their office hours, they will already be familiar with your face so it will feel more comfortable to get to know them on a deeper level. Forging good relationships with professors is extremely rewarding as they can serve as great mentors and motivators. Professors with a truly personal investment in your success is a very strong form of support.


3) On-Campus Opportunities

With a smaller campus, the atmosphere is not as overwhelming. With the feel of a tight-knit community, it feels easier to go after campus opportunities because it isn’t as intimidating. Since you aren’t just a number at a liberal arts college, your professors will constantly be encouraging you to pursue extracurricular activities or research fellowships. It is super difficult to fall through the cracks at a liberal arts college, so take full advantage of that fact. All in all, since faces start to become familiar, it seems easier to adjust to college life at a smaller school.


I hope these points helped you reconsider liberal arts colleges! They are absolutely awesome and so these points should enter your decision-making calculus when applying to college!


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  • Myka Yamasaki

    Myka will be attending Occidental College (located in Los Angeles) in the fall and is very excited! She is looking forward to reflecting on her high school experience to help others do their best on the SAT/ACT and in college admissions. She loves cats, food, and friends.

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