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Rachel Kapelke-Dale

University of Miami Admissions: The SAT, ACT Scores and GPA You Need to Get In

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If you want the best of the natural world (Florida Keys and Everglades) and the best of the city (Miami…need I say more?), then the University of Miami just might be for you. A stone’s throw from the city itself, this large university has more than 10,000 students, but is organized into residential colleges to give you a smaller community feel. Talk about the best of both worlds! Here’s what you need to know about University of Miami admissions, including how to get into University of Miami, University of Miami SAT scores, University of Miami ACT scores, and much more!

“Though I was also accepted to Brown, Rice, UPenn, and William & Mary, I ultimately chose the University of Miami because of the scholarship I received. I was on the fence between Brown and the University of Miami, but the scholarship I received gave me more personal attention, opportunities, and financial support considering my plans for medical/graduate school.” — joshuajay, AdmitSee

University of Miami at a Glance

University of Miami SAT Scores (middle 50%)1320-1460
University of Miami ACT Scores (middle 50%)30-33
University of Miami admissions rate38%
University of Miami GPA average (unweighted)3.7

University of Miami SAT Scores

What are the most recent University of Miami SAT scores? You’ve seen the overview above; now check out the breakdown.

(Like a lot of schools’ reported scores at the moment, these University of Miami SAT scores are from the pre-2016 test. Check out the old-to-new SAT comparison to see how your scores stack up.)

Math (old test)610-710
Critical Reading (old test)600-680

What does this mean for you? First of all, don’t panic if your scores aren’t in this range! It can take in significant time and effort to get your scores this high, but these test scores can be earned!

How to get into University of Miami, even when University of Miami SAT scores are (on average) higher than yours? If you absolutely don’t have time to take the test again before University of Miami admissions deadlines, and your scores aren’t in the University of Miami SAT scores range, should you risk the application fee? If University of Miami’s your top choice, go for it! Just make sure the rest of your application is impeccable. Just because the majority of admitted students attended score in this range doesn’t mean that all of the students who are accepted score in this range. In fact, 25% scored below it. Again, the rest of your application should be sparkling to make up for lower scores, but it can be done!

University of Miami ACT Scores

Like University of Miami SAT scores, University of Miami ACT scores are pretty high. How high? Take a look:


What inferences can we make here? In other words, how to get into University of Miami with x, y, or z scores? The Reading scores of admitted Miami students are the highest, the 25th percentile at 29 (wow!), while Science scores were the lowest, with the 25th percentile at 26. Still, 26 is a pretty solid score; these are some high standards to live up to. (But not impossible! If your scores fall below the middle 50% of University of Miami ACT scores, consider re-taking the test with a revised study plan to prep you for it.)

University of Miami Acceptance Rate

The University of Miami admissions rate is 37.8%, rounded up in most places to 38%. The transfer acceptance rate has, in recent years, been higher than this, at 49.4%, so if you don’t get in on your first shot…try, try again!

University of Miami GPA Average

First, a quick warning: the University of Miami GPA can seem a little misleading. You may have noticed that in the above table, we have it at 3.7. This is true! HOWEVER. With that said, this is an unweighted GPA.

What’s the difference? BasicGPA calculations are done like this. In other words, they’re calculated using a 4.0 as an A, 3.0 as a B, etc. Many high schools reward students taking more difficult courses (like APs) by using a 5.0 scale, “weighting” their GPA. That’s why at the University of Florida, for example, the average GPA is given as 4.4.

This can seem baffling, as the University of Miami is harder to get into by almost every other measure—University of Miami SAT scores are higher, among other things. However, the University of Florida considers weighted GPAs. The University of Miami doesn’t–though taking harder courses is still a good thing!

Remember, though, that GPA and test scores aren’t the be-all and end-all of University of Miami admissions criteria. How to get into University of Miami if your grades and scores are lower? You can make up for scores and GPAs below average with great letters of recommendation and essays!

University of Miami Freshman Profile

So just who becomes a University of Miami student? You might not be surprised to find out that 29% of the freshman class comes from Florida…but it may be a little more unexpected that nearly 10% come from outside the United States! Top countries include China, India, and Brazil. Oh, and 52% of students are female (this is pretty par for the course as women begin to outnumber men in higher education).


Does University of Miami have a wait list?

It does! However, the odds aren’t spectacular. While they can change every year, the most recently reported stats (Fall 2016) had 1,440 students accepting their place on the waitlist and 215 admitted. That’s not nothing—if you end up being one of those 215, it’s awesome! Still, your odds are much better as a transfer student (slightly under half are accepted)—and you can apply for fall or spring semesters.

Is in-state tuition cheaper?

While there are a lot of benefits if you’re a Floridian attending the University of Miami (being close to home, for one!), University of Miami is actually a private, not a public institution. This means that the price tag is pretty much one-size-fits all. Sorry.

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT essay?

No! Unless you’re a transfer student with fewer than 30 credits, in which case you will need it for course placement. I know that’s really specific. I don’t make the rules, I just write about them.

Does the University of Miami accept the Common App?


How to Get Into University of Miami

How to get into University of Miami? In the long-term, keep your GPA up and prep for your standardized exams. In the months before you submit your application, make sure your test scores are within the middle 50% University of Miami SAT scores or the University of Miami ACT scores (or even higher!). Know why you want to attend this competitive school, and make sure the University of Miami admissions officers know it. Good luck!

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