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Big Ideas of SAT Coordinate Geometry

This is Mike McGarry, Magoosh’s GMAT Expert. As you may know, the GMAT is the entrance exam for business school. Believe or not, folks studying to be the business leaders of tomorrow don’t necessarily know any more math that you do! You see, some folks get to the end of whatever their last required math […]

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Matrices on the ACT

ACT matrices problems may look intimidating, but learning a few simple steps to approach them (and doing some quick practice!) will help you master them.

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How to Relax for the SAT

“I could do better on the SAT if I didn’t lose focus so easily” “I could remember more if I weren’t so stressed.” Do these sentiments sound familiar?  It seems our electronically driven culture recognizes two basic human energy states —- manic and stressed while on task, and then completely blitzed and unfocused afterward.  Popular […]

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