Use these AP US History Outlines to Study Smarter

Use these AP US History Outlines to Study Smarter

Studying is a lot like working out. With each “workout” you get stronger and improve your skills. And just like working out, studying is not always something people are motivated to do. If you have to study anyway to maintain a healthy level of APUSH “brain fitness”, then why not study smarter?
Put your brain through an optimum study workout by using our AP US History outlines to help you study smarter!

5 Tips to study smarter

Studying smarter is a strategy that many successful students utilize. It saves time, energy and can help you get a better grade on the APUSH exam.

  • Study over time. APUSH expects you to be able to not only remember historical information, but connect it across time periods and events. In order to accomplish this, you need to know the information really well. Don’t try and review it all in one night! Space out your studying over weeks, if not months, for the most effective use of your study time.
  • Use quality materials. So much information is available online, sometimes it is difficult to narrow the scope. Start with some of our favorites, and add some of your own! Look for updated sites, like Magoosh, that discuss the new changes to the 2017-18 APUSH exam.
  • Vary your study methods. Because every learner is different, every study plan should be different as well. What your best friend finds the most helpful may not work at all for you. Experiment with study methods and see what you find most useful. Our study tips may be helpful in getting started.
  • Track your progress. Monitoring your progress not only keeps motivation levels high, but also serves as a visual reminder to stay focused while studying.

Top 3 AP US History outlines to help you study smarter

Although there are many quality AP US History outlines available online, these three are especially useful when it comes time to studying smarter.

AP US History Notes

The outlines found here are in-depth without being overwhelming. The material presented is well-organized, with many supporting details for each main idea. This site gives a clear and explicit overview of each American Pageant (13th edition) chapter. Additional features on this site include vocabulary flashcards, practice tests and essay-prompt topic outlines.

Khan Academy

A non-profit company dedicated to providing free, world-class education to any learner, Khan Academy is a great resource for AP US History outlines. Veering away from the typical outline format, Khan Academy presents information through a chronological timeline. Material for each time period is available in course notes and/or educational video. Additional features to this site include practice tests at the end of each lesson, as well as in-depth views into more complex topics such as The South After the Civil War or The Civil Rights Movement.

Glencoe Online Learning Center

Every chapter of the APUSH textbook is available on this site! Like Khan Academy, Glencoe Learning stays away from the standard outline format. Instead, Glencoe provides student goals for each chapter. Select a chapter, then a main theme to begin review. Additional features to this site include 10 activities to help you use your study time effectively, such as quizzes, study questions and interactive maps.

More AP US History outlines to choose from

Looking for more choices? Try a few of these AP US History outlines!

AP US History Course-Notes
WikiNotes American History
Wadsworth Cengage Learning Online Study Center

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