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Magoosh Wins Happiest Company Award (Again!)

Spoiler alert: We’re still really happy.

At Magoosh, we want our students to prep smart, go far, and enjoy the ride.

And we sure are doing the same.

We recently got word that we’ve received our second award for being the Happiest Company in Education from TINYpulse, and unsurprisingly we are stoked!

On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you at work?

Magoosh Happiest Company Team Picture 2017 TinyPulse

“Is this an 11???”

We use the app TINYpulse to get an anonymous temperature check on employee engagement and happiness, which helps us improve our workplace. And once a year, TINYpulse reveals the companies with the highest average happiness score…and Magoosh was awarded top marks in the Education category for the second time!

So what exactly makes us so thrilled to come to work each day?

I’ll let a few Magooshers tell you themselves:

It’s an absolute honor to help thousands of students study smarter every single day, and to work on this mission with such talented and good-hearted people.

Whether we’re mapping out product improvements, making vocabulary rap videos, or good-naturedly arguing over the best way to eat pre-meeting bagel sandwiches (the debate rages on), we’re all in this together.

Go team!

(P.S. If you’d like to join us, we’re hiring!)