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    Kemi works to tell stories about the who, the what, and the why of Magoosh in order to encourage more students, parents, and educators around the world to prep smart, go far, and enjoy the ride with us.

    With a BS in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Houston, she has spent the past decade advocating for the rights of immigrants, including stints touring the southern US in a bus named Priscilla and dancing in a workers’ rights flashmob.

    When not waxing poetic about increasing educational access for all students at Magoosh, Kemi can be found whispering sweet nothings to her many houseplants, trying on cardigans, or wandering the streets of Oakland, in search of sunshine.

20 SAT & ACT Student Perspectives on the College Board’s Adversity Score

Last week, the College Board announced that they’re rolling out the addition of “adversity scores” – a proxy of socioeconomic status – to the overall score reporting for SAT test takers. We shared our Magoosh perspective (and concerns) with you, and we’re back today with responses from our students who are currently or formerly studying […]

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#MoreThanAScore: Our Magoosh Take on the College Board’s Move Towards “Adversity Scores”

At Magoosh, we believe that students are more than a score. Following their announcement to start using “adversity scores” to measure the socioeconomic position of SAT takers, we commend the College Board for acknowledging how systematically unfair the college admissions landscape can be to students from marginalized backgrounds and for taking steps, as a leader […]

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Lessons from Tennessee: 3 Ways Schools Can Help Students Retake the ACT or SAT and Improve Their Scores

High school seniors in Tennessee are making an impressive case for the power of second chances through record-breaking results in retaking the ACT. It’s no surprise that it was an educator, Thomas H. Palmer, who first shared the advice of “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Trying new things, failing, and learning […]

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June and August SAT Tests 2018 Scoring and Cheating Scandals: What Students, Parents, Educators Need to Know (and How to Get Help)

Scandals have you worried about your June or August SAT results? Email us at [email protected] or call our advice hotline at 510–495–0535 to get some guidance from test prep experts on what’s best for your personal situation. So what actually happened with the August SAT test? Shortly after the Saturday August 25th SAT test date […]

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