7 Ways to Make Test Prep More Engaging

7 Ways to Make Test Prep More Engaging

Catherine on April 13, 2016

Let’s be real… studying for an admission test can be anything but fun sometimes. We know that putting in long hours in the library can seem dull and boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Check out our tips for making test prep more engaging.

1. Work in short blocks

A study session doesn’t have to be an all-day marathon. By scheduling your study sessions in one-hour or two-hour blocks, you can still get work done while keeping your focus levels high.

2. Switch subjects

Let’s say you’ve been working on reading comprehension for the last hour and just can’t make your way through another passage. Why not switch over to something that’s quantitative? Exercise different parts of your brain to keep the content interesting.

3. Study with a partner

Find a friend or classmate to study with. Some human interaction in your day is important, and you might not get much if you always study by yourself. Keep the conversation focused on test prep, though.

4. Ask questions

Be honest with yourself when you don’t understand something, and find resources who can help you. You can always check with a Magoosh Test Prep Expert! You’ll be less likely to “go through the motions” of test prep when you’re actively involved in seeking answers to tricky questions.

5. Take study breaks

Study breaks can go a long way to help you reenergize for your next study block. Get a healthy snack, hydrate, check your email, listen to some music, or go for a walk.

6. Quiz yourself

Give yourself “attention checks” to assess how well you’re understanding the content. Take a practice section under timed conditions. Short, timed quizzes require you to be alert and engaged with the test questions.

7. Annotate your test prep material.

Highlighting, underlining, and circling parts of questions and answers will help keep your attention on track. Mark up your test prep books and practice sheets so you can’t get away with just skimming through material.


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