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Chris Lele

About Chris Lele

Chris Lele has been helping students excel on the GRE, GMAT, and SAT for the last 10 years. He is the Lead Content Developer and Tutor for Magoosh. His favorite food is wasabi-flavored almonds. Follow him on Google+!
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GRE Vocab Wednesday: ‘S’ Words

A few months back a “Magoosh-er” had asked me to do a ‘S’-based Vocab Wed. in honor of his first name. This request is perfect since I’ve never had a ‘S’-based Vocab Wednesday. Below are some words—a few of which are high-frequency—that have yet to be featured on Vocab Wed. (Yes, Solomon, I’m talking about […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister #3

Welcome to this week’s challenge problem. Though it looks terribly daunting it can be solved relatively quickly. That’s often the case with the GRE: a seemingly inscrutable problem that looks like it’ll take weeks to solve can be unlocked very quickly, if you follow the right path. To make things even more fun with this […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister #2: Don’t Lose Your Marbles – Explanation

This week’s question, Don’t Lose Your Marbles, garnered a lot of responses, almost every single one of them correct. That’s awesome! What’s even more awesome is that at least five distinct approaches were taken across the various responses I got. Below, I’m going to present a very elegant—meaning the most straightforward—solution. After that, I’ll show […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: “In” Words

Here is but only a tiny sliver of words beginning with “in” that you can expect to see on the test. How many of the words below do you confidently know?     Incite Not to be confused with “insight” – a very similar sounding word – incite means to stir up or provoke. Usually […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister #2: Don’t Lose Your Marbles

While this question looks quite daunting, there is a way to solve it in less than 2 minutes. See if you can do so. And don’t worry, even if you can finish it in less than 4 minutes that’s not too shabby! A magical leather pouch contains 2 alabaster marbles, 3 cerulean marbles, and 5 […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister #1 – Explanation

Brain Twister #1 really seemed to stump people. So far nobody has answered correctly—which wasn’t my intention. Hopefully, there will be a few correct answers by the time this is posted. Okay, so let’s talk about the wrong answers. I’m going to start with (B) since nobody chose (A), which is incorrect. (B) assumes that […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: A Day of Idioms

Today’s installment of GRE Vocab Wednesday is a text-only post — but don’t worry! We’ll be back next Wednesday with another video for you. Stay tuned. Typically speaking, an idiom is an expression peculiar to a certain language. When you translate it word-by-word you get some unintended—and often very funny—imagery. A few include the following: […]

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Magoosh Brain Twister #1

For a very long time, we’ve had Vocab Weds, a weekly vocab post with an accompanying YouTube video. It’s done quite well, and we have no intention of stopping it. But poor math—it’s gotten no such weekly billing. So to redress this oversight, we are going to inaugurate the weekly math “Brain Twister” question. It […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Tough GRE Words

A good way to test the fitness of your vocabulary is to define a word without context clues. It helps, of course, if those words are relatively difficult, to give you a sense of just how “fit” your vocabulary really is. As a GRE student, you’ll be facing some very tough words. So instead of […]

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GRE Academic Structures

In both the GRE Reading Comprehension passages and the Text Completions, certain phrases may show up that can give a sentence a spin. If you are not familiar with these phrases, your head is likely to spin. Take a look at the following two sentences. He was ________ , always giving to those in need. […]

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