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Author Archive | Chris Lele

The Real Benefit of Changing Your Answers on the GRE

Changing Your Answer I welcome the latest press release by ETS, which provides helpful data regarding students changing their answer choices on the GRE exam. Indeed, it overturns a common fallacy that I’m sure has hurt students’ scores. Nonetheless, one has to be careful in interpreting ETS’s latest findings. For instance, students might very likely […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: In Your Face Words

  “In-” is my poster child for why I don’t care for roots. Sure, roots can help you here and there, but most of the time words you’ll encounter on the GRE have roots that are very esoteric and only appear in one or two roots. With “in-“, you are even on slipperier ground: it […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Words from The Bible

  The Bible is full of famous phrases: “Cast the first stone”, “The blind leading the blind”, “Fall from grace”, etc. But there are many words of the GRE kind that have a biblical origin.   Behemoth In the Book of Job, which is part of the Old Testament, a giant beast named the behemoth […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Don’t Get CONned

  Con- is a root meaning ‘with’. It doesn’t actually mean “against”, as in pros and cons (that root would be contra). Of course, that doesn’t really help you with most words beginning with con-, since the roots that follow are not always clear-cut.   Concoct To come up with a preposterous story is to […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Weird Sounding Words

There are some strange looking words in the English language. Quite a few of them appear on the GRE. Here is a handful!   Bailiwick This funny-looking word, which I believe is the only English word besides ‘kiwi’ to have the letters ‘iwi’ in a row, is derived from the word bailiff, a legal officer […]

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