TOEFL Tuesday: Does the TOEFL have “score select”?

Those of you who are taking the GRE as well as the TOEFL may be familiar with the GRE’s “score select.” This is a system that lets students choose which of their GRE scores to send to the schools they are applying to. The TOEFL has a similar system, but it’s not called “score select.” The TOEFL’s system for sending scores to schools is a little bit complicated, so today we’ll go over how it works!

Free score reports

Every time you take the TOEFL, you are given the chance to send the score from that test to up to four different schools. These four score reports are sent for free, but you need to choose the schools that you’ll have the scores sent to before you take the test.  When the schools get your results, they will only see your scores from that one particular TOEFL test.

Let’s use an example to go over how this works. Imagine that you’ll take the TOEFL twice. Before you take the TOEFL for the first time, you choose to send your score from that test for free to schools A, B and C. These three schools will receive your score for that test. You cannot change the schools that you’ve chosen after taking the test.

Then, before you take the TOEFL for the second time, you choose to send your scores from that test to schools D, E, and F. These schools will only receive your score from that particular TOEFL test. They will not receive the score you got the first time you took the test. So score reports do not list all of your TOEFL scores. Each score report includes your score from only one TOEFL test.

Paid score reports

The ETS (the company that creates the TOEFL) also gives students the option of paying for their scores to be sent to schools. This costs $19 per school, and allows students to choose one of their TOEFL scores to be sent to particular school. With this option, students can wait until after they’ve taken the test to choose which schools to send the scores to. The advantage of this is that students can take the test more than once, and then send only their highest score to the schools of their choice.

For both free and paid score reports, each test is independent of each other. So every score report will only tell the school the score of one of your TOEFL tests. I hope this information helps you make good choices about which schools to send your scores to!


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