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TOEFL ITP Test: Important Information for Teachers and Students

Although the TOEFL iBT is the most well-known version, there are a few different types of TOEFL. Another important version is the TOEFL ITP test.

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What is the TOEFL ITP?

“What is the ITP, anyway?” This is a common question from Magoosh students. In fact, this question is common enough that we wrote a whole article to answer it. For an in-depth explanation of the test, “see our previous article.”

To briefly summarize that article:

The TOEFL ITP test is a version of the TOEFL that is administered by teachers and schools. Unlike the TOEFL iBT or the TOEFL PBT, the ITP is not administered in official ETS test centers.

Instead, the ITP is used and administered in the same way as the TOEFL Junior. Both the ITP and the TOEFL Junior are used primarily as a teaching and assessment tool, rather than an admissions test.

Note that the ITP is not identical to the TOEFL ITP Plus, which is offered in China.

Is the TOEFL ITP Test Computer-Based?

The ITP test is not administered on computer. Instead, the exam is paper-based. Students receive test booklets and fill in their answers with a pencil.

What is the Structure of the ITP?

The ITP version of the TOEFL has a very similar structure to the TOEFL PBT. Like the PBT, the ITP has three sections for Reading, Listening, and Structure & Written Expression. Unlike the PBT, the ITP does not have an essay writing section. Still, the two tests are quite similar. The Reading, Listening, and Structure sections of the ITP are exactly the same as PBT Reading, Listening, and Structure.

TOEFL ITP Listening Section

ITP Listening is definitely easier than the Listening section of the more commonly-taken TOEFL iBT. On the ITP, the Listening audio tracks are relatively short, and the questions are simpler than PBT Listening questions.

TOEFL ITP Listening has 50 questions, a time limit of 35 minutes, and a score range of 31-68.

TOEFL ITP Reading Section

ITP Reading has some passages that are just like the ones on the IBT: roughly 800 words in length, academic, and written at a first-year university level. At the same time, the ITP Reading section will always have some shorter, less academic passages as well.

In this section, test-takers get 50 questions, and 55 minutes to complete the questions. The answers to the questions are scored on a scale of 31-67.

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TOEFL ITP Structure Section

TOEFL ITP Structure section tests the rules of grammar and assesses students’ English-language proofreading ability.

This part of the exam has the exact same scale as ITP Listening, with a score range of 31-68. ITP Structure has 40 questions that must be answered in 25 minutes.

The Overall Structure of the TOEFL ITP

All in all, the test has a total three sections and 140 questions, which must be completed in 1 hour and 55 minutes. At the whole-test level, the answers to these questions are scored on a scale of 310-677.

How Exactly is the TOEFL ITP Used?

The short answer to this question is that the exam is used in any way that teachers and school administrators want to use it.

The TOEFL ITP as Learning Material

It’s very common for teachers to use the TOEFL ITP as a classroom teaching tool. In this use, TOEFL ITP practice is incorporated into lessons in an English course. Then, the actual ITP test may be given as a final exam in the class.

While the TOEFL ITP definitely can be valuable as a teaching tool, it should be used carefully. To any teachers who are reading this, please remember: when you test TOEFL ITP skills, you are testing different skills than the ones on the TOEFL iBT. The ITP TOEFL tests listening, reading, grammar, and proofreading. But those are obviously not the only English skills you should teach your students.

If your students will eventually need to take the TOEFL iBT– and many of them will– the TOEFL ITP will not give them the writing or speaking practice they need. So you’ll have to find other ways to include English writing and speaking instruction in your class.

Using TOEFL ITP For Level Tests and Class Placement

Some teachers also use the ITP TOEFL test for level-testing and placement. Here again, if you are teacher, you should use the ITP carefully. With the ITP, you can assess students’ “receptive skills,” listening and reading. You can also use the Structure section to test your students’ knowledge of written grammar, and their ability to proofread English writing.

But the ITP alone doesn’t test all of the skills. Consider using a supplemental assessment to check student ability in English speech and writing.

The TOEFL ITP as an Admissions Exam

The ITP really isn’t designed for university admissions. Still, it is possible to use this test to screen and accept international students. In fact, a number of American campuses offer the ITP to international students who visit their campus in person.

Offering an instantly-available placement test to students is a powerful recruitment tool. And for international students, it’s a unique opportunity to get tested and get an admissions decision from a school quickly.

TOEFL ITP Preparation

Because the TOEFL ITP is a less-common version of the test, there are relatively few TOEFL ITP preparation resources. But there are still some good-quality TOEFL ITP prep resources out there.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL ITP: PDF Availability and Print Availability

From time to time, Magoosh students ask me questions about the Official Guide to the TOEFL ITP Test.

Most often, I’m asked if an Official Guide for the TOEFL ITP even exists. This is an understandable question. Because while an OG for the TOEFL ITP does indeed exist, ETS doesn’t advertise the book’s existence very much.

But the book is real, and you can order the Official Guide to the test from the ETS Store website. This book contains two full-length practice tests and many pages of TOEFL ITP tips, advice, and information.

Unfortunately, there is no Official Guide to the TOEFL ITP Test PDF. ETS never released a PDF version of the book. And there’s a good reason for this. The TOEFL ITP Official Guide includes an audio CD for TOEFL ITP Listening practice. So even if a PDF version of the book did exist, it would be incomplete.

TOEFL ITP Practice Tests

Do you want to take an authentic TOEFL ITP practice test? Here again, the online ETS Store comes to the rescue. You can order the official book of TOEFL ITP Practice Tests directly from ETS.

Like the OG, this book also offers two full practice ITP tests.

Can you Find a TOEFL ITP Practice Test Online?

The answer is yes!

ETS also has some internet resources for TOEFL ITP practice. On the “sample questions page” of the TOEFL ITP website, there’s a short TOEFL ITP sample test for high beginner to intermediate students. On the same page, you’ll also find another TOEFL ITP sample test for intermediate to advanced English learners.

Again, there is no PDF version however. You can’t really have a TOEFL ITP practice test PDF for the same reason there’s no OG PDF– a PDF can’t include the audio files that you need for TOEFL ITP Listening.

So, Is There Any Kind of TOEFL ITP PDF?

In this information age, everything’s better in PDF form, isn’t it? As I mentioned, there are sadly no PDFs that contain full TOEFL ITP exams.

Still, the official TOEFL ITP website offers two PDF downloads you should know about.

One of these is the Test Taker Handbook. This is the closest thing you’ll find to a TOEFL ITP test PDF. In addition to other informational materials, this handbook contains sample test questions for each of the TOEFL ITP’s three sections. The TOEFL ITP Listening sample test questions use transcripts rather than actual audio, however.

Then there is the 48 page Supervisor’s Manual. If you’re a teacher or a school administrator who wants to use this exam, then this TOEFL ITP PDF is for you.

What Does the TOEFL ITP Cost?

For teachers and schools, the cost of purchasing TOEFL ITP test books and administering the test can vary. Exactly how much you’ll pay depends on what country you’re in. To get prices for the TOEFL ITP (and possibly order the tests), contact ETS customer service.

For students, TOEFL ITP testing fees can also vary. But here’s the good news: registration fees for the TOEFL ITP are cheaper than TOEFL IBT registration. While TOEFL iTB registration typically costs around $200, registry for the ITP is almost always less than $100. Some schools even choose to let students take the ITP for free. If you are a test-taker, check with the school where you’ll take the TOEFL ITP; they will be able to tell you what fees you’ll pay.


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