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Schools That Offer Conditional Acceptance: Canadian Picks

This is the latest post in my series on schools that offer conditional acceptance to students with low TOEFL scores. In my last post, I looked at schools from my own home-region in the U.S.—West Central Wisconsin.

In this post, my colleague Rachel has inspired me to show you three schools that offer conditional acceptance in Canada. You can treat the list below as a companion to Rachel’s recent blog entry “Top Universities in Canada: TOEFL Requirements.” In fact, the first university on my list is also a top university from Rachel’s list. Read on, Magooshers!


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The University of Toronto

  • Minimum TOEFL Scores and Conditions of Acceptance:
    • Conditional acceptance is offered only to those accepted into the University of Toronto’s Masters in Engineering Program. Qualifying students who have an undergraduate degree in Engineering may be conditionally accepted into the Masters with TOEFL scores as low as 80. Conditionally accepted students will first need to study English at the University of Toronto’s International Graduate Foundation Program. Upon successful completion of the program, which focuses on English language skills, students may enter their Master’s Degree courses in Engineering.
  • Degrees offered:
    • Only the Master’s in Engineering degree. All other University of Toronto degrees require a TOEFL score of 100 at the undergraduate level, and 93 at the graduate level.


Thompson Rivers University and the College of New Caledonia (through the Quesnel Bridging Program)

  • Minimum TOEFL Scores and Conditions of Acceptance:
    • In this unique program, the public school district in Quesnel, British Columbia offers a special program for international students who have recently finished high school or are about to finish high school. Students who are accepted into the program (and can pay program tuition) receive a Canadian student visa and conditional acceptance into either Thompson Rivers University or the College of New Caledonia. No TOEFL scores are required, and the program itself includes TOEFL preparation. However, the program brochure does state that students must have “very strong English skills” to be accepted into the program.
  • Degrees offered:
    • Relevant links:
      • Thompson Rivers University: Programs Offered (includes many Bachelor’s degrees, Masters Degrees in Education, Science, and Business Administration, and a Juris Doctorate program)
      • College of New Caledonia: Degrees, Certificates, and Programs (CNC is a community and technical college. It primarily offers Associates Degrees and certificate. It offers one Bachelors program in nursing, and a number of two year “university transfer” programs that allow students to transfer to other schools where they may complete 4 year degrees.)


This post has focused on British Columbia and Ontario, Canada’s two most populous English-speaking provinces. In a future post on conditional acceptance in Canada, I’ll take you “off the beaten path” and we’ll look at conditional acceptance at excellent schools in smaller, less well-known Canadian regions.



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