Author: Allyson Evans

Allyson Evans
  • What is a Good TOEFL Score?

    Unlike other tests, you can’t really “pass” or “fail” the TOEFL. So what’s a good TOEFL score? Our experts break it down for you.

  • One Month TOEFL Study Plan | How to Prepare for the TOEFL

    This month-long TOEFL study plan is mostly designed to get you familiar with the TOEFL format and question types, but with the ultimate aim of getting your TOEFL scores to an acceptable level. If you’ve followed this one month TOEFL study schedule, you should be in good shape for the test!

  • FAQs: TOEFL Information

    Students have a lot of questions about the TOEFL — we would know! Luckily, we also have a lot of answers to those questions. What better place to find frequently asked questions than Google? Below are the most commonly Googled topics, and our answers, about general TOEFL information. Consider it your shortcut to finding the…

  • How to Find TOEFL Scholarships in 2022

    How to Find TOEFL Scholarships in 2022

    How can you get a TOEFL scholarship? We’ll explore eligibility and each of the major types of TOEFL exam scholarship. (Note: This post is about scholarships that cover your tuition or other expenses related to study and research. For scholarships that pay for your TOEFL exam fee, see our post on TOEFL fee waivers.) Who…

  • TOEFL Listening Practice: Questions, Resources, and More!

    TOEFL Listening Practice: Questions, Resources, and More!

    Students often ask me “How can I practice TOEFL Listening?” The good news is that one of the best sources of TOEFL Listening practice is free– you can turn to the Internet for all Listening section practice. Of course, the Internet’s a big place, and it can be hard to sort the good practice from…