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The LSAT Is Going Digital July 2019: Here’s What You Should Know

The LSAT is Going Digital July 2019 - magoosh
The digital LSAT will launch in July 2019. So long handwritten writing samples!

This is a big change in the LSAT world! So let’s look at exactly when the change to digital will occur and what that means for you. While we’re at it, we’ll also help you decide when to take the LSAT.

When Will the Change to the Digital LSAT Take Place?

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) plans to start the shift to the digital LSAT starting with the July 15, 2019 exam. At this administration, some students will be offered the traditional pencil and paper exam, while others will take the exam digitally.

You’re probably wondering why the LSAC is offering the exam in both formats in July. Fair question! According to the LSAC, this is considered a best practice when changing to a new test method, which sounds like a great reason to us.

Note that after the July 2019 exam, all LSAT administrations in North America will be offered digitally. So plan to take the digital LSAT if you’re testing any time after July 2019.

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How Will the Digital LSAT Be Different?

The experience for students will be relatively the same with the digital LSAT, because the format of the exam will not be different in any way. The structure of the LSAT will be exactly the same—same questions, sections, and timing. Also, the scoring of the LSAT is not expected to change in any way. The only difference will be that students will answer all the questions via specialty software on a tablet.

The good news is that LSAC will provide the tablet–a Microsoft Surface Go, to be precise. So you don’t have to worry about getting a particular tablet to take the exam. Also, you don’t need to go out and buy a tablet to practice for the exam. LSAC is planning to provide a free online tool where you can get used to the online testing format, and this tool will work with any device.

Should I Take the Digital LSAT?

The new digital format should have no impact on your LSAT score, so don’t let it determine when you take the LSAT. Instead, look at all the upcoming LSAT dates and decide which one best fits your schedule and timeline for applying to law school.

Keep in mind that most students need at least three months to prepare for the exam. And remember that LSAT scores are released a few weeks after the administration. Be sure to leave enough time to follow a solid study plan and retest if you need to get a higher score to get into your dream school.

If you’re planning to take the July 2019 exam and are worried that taking the new digital LSAT will negatively affect your score, don’t be! The LSAC is going to allow all July 2019 test takers the chance to see their score before they have to choose whether to cancel.

And the other bonus? If you decide to cancel, you can retake the LSAT at any time at no cost through April 2020.


Starting with September 2019 exam, all LSAT administrations will be digital. However, the structure and scoring of the digital LSAT will be the same as the paper-based test, so there’s no real change for students.

The only difference is that you should take a few practice tests in the online format if you’ll be taking the digital LSAT. You’ll want to be as familiar as possible with the online format so you can get your best possible score.

If you still have questions about the digital LSAT, check out the LSAC’s Frequently Asked Questions about the digital LSAT. Also, we’ll be updating this post regularly as we learn more about, so be sure to check back here!

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