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What To Do The Day Before The MCAT

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the MCAT prep finish line! After your MCAT exam, you can totally relax and focus on other things. However, the day before is a good time to relax your mind in preparation for the upcoming task at hand. This is true even if you’ve only had time to work on increasing your MCAT score for 1 week!

When you created your study schedule, chances are you put most of your focus on how many practice MCAT exams you were going to do and how many hours you would spend reviewing amino acids. Now, you’re in MCAT limbo because the studying is done, but the thought of your quickly approaching exam is still stirring up anxiety. This is a day that you didn’t plan for, but fortunately, that can be a good thing.

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Exactly What To Do The Day Before The MCAT

The day before you take the MCAT isn’t about tips and strategies as much as it’s about rest and rejuvenation. Yes, you have a huge task only hours ahead of you, but you also need to take a moment to mentally prepare. The day before the MCAT, you should do absolutely nothing that is MCAT-related. Granted, you will want to make sure you know how to get to the testing center and set out your snacks and proper ID so you won’t have to scramble to find them on the day of the exam. But aside from that, this day is all about giving your brain a break. So, on the day before the MCAT you should go see a movie, bake a cake, play sports, go get ice cream, Netflix and chill — whatever floats your boat!

Exactly What NOT To Do The Day Before The MCAT

Even though I just advised you to do nothing MCAT-related the day before the exam, I understand the personality types of MCAT test-takers. We are very creative with our time. Usually, if we have even two minutes to spare, we are going to dedicate that time to doing what we do best: studying. I know how tempting it is to review that one last concept that was giving you trouble, but resist! When you sit down to take the real exam, any info you crammed in last minute will be the first thing out of your mind once your adrenaline starts pumping. So save yourself the stress and take the day off.

Day Before The MCAT

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