How to Apply for an LSAT Fee Waiver: A Clear Guide

The LSAT costs hundreds of dollars–and that’s just for the basic test! LSAT fees can add up quickly. If the price of taking the LSAT is out of your price range, though, don’t worry! You can apply for an LSAT fee waiver to help cover some of the test’s costs.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to get LSAT fee waivers, what they cover, and how you can get free LSAT prep! Here’s the lowdown on the LSAC fee waiver program.

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Do you qualify for an LSAT fee waiver?

Before gathering the info you need to apply for a fee waiver, make sure that you qualify. The fee waiver requirements from the Law School Admission Council are strict, so make sure that you meet them!

Qualifications and Tiers

There are two tiers of LSAT fee waivers, with different benefits. The difference between the types of fee waivers LSAC gives out has to do with the LSAC fee waiver income limit:

  • Income qualifications (financially independent candidates):
    • For Tier 1, candidates can earn up to 250% of federal poverty guidelines.
    • For Tier 2, candidates can earn between 250-300% of federal poverty guidelines.
  • Income qualifications (financially dependent candidates):
    • For Tier 1, candidates can earn up to 150% of the poverty guidelines for an individual.
    • If an individual earns more than 150% of the guidelines, they may be considered if the combined individual + family income is less than 300% of the guidelines.
  • Nationality/citizenship qualifications (everyone): you must be an American, Canadian, or Australian citizen, a U.S. national, a resident alien (in the U.S.), have received or applied for deferred action under DACA (in the U.S.), be a permanent resident (in Canada or Australia) or be a protected person or convention refugee in Canada or Australia.

If you meet these requirements, the LSAC will determine which tier of benefits you qualify for. Here’s a quick breakdown of benefits for the two types of LSAT fee waivers!

LSAT Fee Waiver TypeAssociated Benefits
LSAT Fee Waiver Tier 1
  • Two free LSAT tests within two years (with one LSAT writing test)

  • One Credential Assembly Service (CAS) registration, including the letter of recommendation service

  • Six CAS law school reports

  • A year's subscription to LSAT Prep Plus, with 70+ official practice tests

  • Score Preview for your first test

  • Free Khan Academy LSAT prep

LSAT Fee Waiver Tier 2
  • One free LSAT test, including writing

  • One CAS registration, including the letter of recommendation service

  • Three CAS reports

  • A year's subscription to LSAT Prep Plus

  • Score Preview for your first test

  • Free Khan Academy LSAT prep

As you can see, both tiers offer huge savings (though other LSAT costs aren’t covered, like test date changes). Keep in mind that the benefits of an LSAT fee waiver can go beyond LSAT costs; certain law schools’ admissions committees will waive law school applicants’ application fees if you can show that you received a waiver.

How to Apply for the LSAT Fee Waiver

American test-takers who want to apply for an LSAT fee waiver should start at least six weeks before their test’s registration deadline, though LSAC recommends submitting it at least six months in advance to benefit from the free prep materials.

Once you’re ready to apply, use this process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete the online fee waiver application
  3. Upload the required supporting documents within 45 days of applying. These are:
    1. Tax documents, including every federal income tax schedule you filed with your 1040 (OR a Verification of Nonfiling Letter from the IRS);
    2. DACA documentation, if applicable.

The application process is different for Canadian and Australian candidates. The primary difference is that electronic applications aren’t accepted; instead, you’ll need to download a PDF to fill out and email back. Find out more about LSAC requirements for Canadian and Australian fee waiver candidates!

In general, the fee waiver application process can take some time, so be sure to apply early. And since the fee waiver is good for two years, you don’t have to worry about it expiring too soon.

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Free LSAT Prep for Fee Waiver Students

Again, the benefits of getting an LSAT fee waiver go beyond just saving money on the cost of your test. You can also get application fee waivers, as well—plus, you can also get a free year’s access to LSAT prep from Magoosh! Just email with your full name, eligibility email from LSAC, and LSAC account number or go to our financial aid options page for more information!

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