Do you qualify for an LSAT fee waiver?

lsat fee waiver

Since 1968, the LSAC has been offering the LSAT fee waiver. It applies to more than just the registration fee, such as applying to law schools and using the LSAC credentialing service. For the struggling college student, this fee waiver could be just the right thing, especially when that college student is strapped for cash and needs to save money wherever possible.

If you’re looking at applying for the fee waiver, just be aware that the LSAC wants to be absolutely sure you can’t afford to pay for the exam. They treat this one pretty seriously, and I’m probably understating the stinginess they use when evaluating all applications for a fee waiver. So, quoting the LSAC directly, “only those with extreme need should apply.”

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How to apply for the fee waiver

Applying for a fee waiver is really simple, assuming you have an account. Once you log in and click on the appropriate link, you’ll be required to submit basic information, such as your name and your address. However, you will also need to supply your immigration status with the United States, as well as your income.

You’ll also need to supply certain documents, such as your federal tax returns, which prove your income was what you said it was. There is also the potential for you to need to input the financial information of your parents.

What’s next?

Your LSAC status will go on hold until your application is processed. Once you get approved, you’ll be able to take two LSATs for free, and a couple of other perks as well.

That’s it, basically. For more instructions, go to the LSAC official website. They have different procedures for people from countries other than the United States. Follow this link, and you’ll be able to find everything you need to know.

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