FIU Law School LSAT Scores

fiu law school lsat scores

Florida International University, The Diaz-Balart Hall School of Law. Image courtesy of Jenstew2012.

The Florida International University College of Law, or FIU Law, is ranked #103 in the nation by U.S. News. FIU Law School has the highest bar passage bar rate in the state, making it a great choice for a Florida law school! If this is your top choice, check out the FIU Law School LSAT scores and how you match up!

What Does FIU Law Offer?

FIU ranks first in Florida bar passage rates. “On the July 2016 bar examination, 87.5 percent of FIU Law graduates passed the exam.” This is especially good news for students aiming to successfully practice law in Florida, and an important factor to consider! You’ll definitely need a law school that prepares you to succeed after graduation, and the bar is the first step.

In addition to a high bar passage rate, FIU offers law clinics like:

  • Death Penalty Clinic
  • Carlos A. Costa Immigration & Human Rights Clinic/li>
  • Immigrant Children’s Justice Clinic
  • Medical – Legal Partnership
  • Small Business Clinic

Lastly, FIU frames its curriculum in terms of “pathways.” Students can be lead through several pathways to success. They’re asked questions like: In what areas of law do you want to practice? What types of clients do you want to serve, and what courses should you take each semester? Finally, what fundamental lawyering skills do you want to build during your law school years?

Answers to these questions lead students to different pathways, like Bankruptcy Law, and supporting courses to help lead students to those careers.

In the end, FIU Law looks like a practical option for anyone looking to practice law in South Florida.

What Does FIU Law School Value in a Student?

FIU’s mission is to “serve the citizens of the State of Florida, particularly South Florida, by providing access to the legal profession through a contemporary, high-quality educational program.” To advance this mission, “FIU Law seeks to graduate students who appreciate the lawyer’s professional and ethical obligations to serve the community.”

If you are also passionate about serving the people of Florida, you might want to connect your personal experiences and goals with the university’s. In your application, how can you demonstrate your commitment to service and contribute to the school’s atmosphere? As you complete your application, you’ll definitely want to consider questions like these!

FIU Law School LSAT Scores

At FIU Law, the median LSAT score is 156. The 75th percentile score is 157. The 25th percentile score is 151.

How Do You Compare?

In addition to considering your LSAT score, your undergraduate GPA is seriously considered by any law school admissions panel. The median GPA at FIU Law School is 3.64. The 75th percentile GPA is 3.78, and the 25th percentile GPA is 3.16.

This means that GPAs at FIU Law are generally higher than at the University of Miami. (At Miami Law, the median GPA is 3.37.)

However, the range of FIU Law School LSAT scores is pretty tight. If you can score at or above the 75th percentile of 157, and if your GPA is at or above the median, you should be in great shape!

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