CUNY Law School: LSAT score ranges

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, and you happen to live in New York, City University of New York (CUNY) Law School, might just be your school. Their yearly tuition in-state is only $14,663 per year.

You can’t beat that price, not even at Concord Law School.

CUNY Law School focuses on public interest law, and considering their tuition is about a third what you’ll expect to pay at most law schools, even though it’s only ranked 131 by the US News, you’ll still want to consider attending.

On top of their focus on public interest, CUNY Law School has a stellar clinical training program for law students. Every student is required to participate in the clinical program, so you can be sure to get your share of relevant legal training before you graduate. That is something that has been seriously lacking in law schools until recently, and CUNY has been leading the way.

2015 LSAT summary for CUNY Law School

Average LSAT scores for CUNY Law School applicants are definitely on the lower end. Their 2015 class scores were 157/153/150 (75th/median/25th), so you can be sure that even though you might not have gotten the score you wanted, you will still be able to go to a competitive law school.

In 2015, 1,356 students applied, and 608 of them were accepted. That’s a very high rate of nearly 45%. The total number of incoming students was 151.

Where your LSAT score fits in

If you can manage a decent GPA, anything over a 3.1, your chances of getting into CUNY Law School are great. While a higher LSAT–anything over 157–will almost guarantee you get in, an unusually weak GPA may still affect your chances…

CUNY Law School is a great value

I can’t reiterate this point enough: law school debt can be paralyzing. The average amount of debt goes up every year. Shoot, when I graduated from law school in 2013, tuition was around $37,000 per year. Now, it’s up over $50,000. Take that in loans over three years, and you’re looking at spending over $150,000 by the time you finish.

You may never pay that off.

So, you should seriously consider going to a public university for law school. It will pay off in huge dividends at the end of the day, since you won’t be saddled with the same kind of debt the more prestigious schools are hitting students with.

Just something to think about …

For more law school LSAT ranges, be sure to go here. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of the website. There’s a ton of great information!

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