Common Logical Reasoning Questions on the LSAT

The table below lists all of the common Logical Reasoning questions on the LSAT. These question types appear fairly regularly, meaning that you can expect to see the majority of them on any given test.


How to Use the Table

  • The first column tells you the name of the question type.
  • The second column provides examples of typical language you will find in the prompt that can help you identify the question type.
  • The third column explains what the correct answer will achieve. In other words, it helps you to better understand what the question is asking you to do.

Table of Common Logical Reasoning Questions on the LSAT -magoosh

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To make the most of this table, use it when you’re struggling to identify or understand a particular Logical Reasoning question. Scan the middle column and look for any identifying language to help you determine the question type. Then reference the third column for a quick explanation of what to look for in the answer choices.

Check back soon for more detailed posts on each of the individual question types in the table. Those will feature sample questions and in-depth instructions on how to uniquely tackle each question type.


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