Best LSAT Videos on YouTube

Youtube is a great resource–especially when it comes to the LSAT! Written explanations are helpful. But, for visual and auditory learners, videos are better! So out of all the explanations and video tips on Youtube, where should you start? Take a look at some of the best LSAT videos on Youtube.

7Sage Logic Game Explanations

J.Y. Ping of 7Sage has uploaded explanations for every single logic game ever published by the LSAC! This is definitely super useful if you’re stuck on an older or newer published test and can’t find explanations anywhere else. His explanations are clear and often hilarious.

The LSAT Trainer’s Introduction to Logic Games

If you’re completely new to setting up logic games, this is a great video to start. Mike Kim begins the video by introducing himself, then offers his advice on different types of games. He also shows different game techniques through a hand-drawn lesson.

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Why Taking the LSAT Can be Harder for “Smarter” People (and How to Solve the Problem)

Kyle Pasewark uploaded a very interesting take on why intelligent students might experience trouble on high-pressure tests like the LSAT. He explains that smart students use harder techniques to reach answers, but are affected by nerves. Take a look to get a different perspective and learn some interesting approaches to the LSAT!

LSAT Logical Reasoning Speed Tips

Graeme Blake of LSAT Hacks uploaded a video of his tips for performing faster on logical reasoning. He discusses important tips like:

Struggling with Logical Reasoning? Watch this!

Next, Mehran Ebadolahi of LSATMax recorded a video of his best advice on handling the logical reasoning section as a whole. He talks about:

  • What to do with different stimulus types (with facts or arguments)
  • Not rushing through the stimulus
  • Breaking down the argument
  • Handling the stress of the test

He also walks students through a logical reasoning section and explains it. Definitely worth checking out this view on the LSAT!

LSAT Prep Tips, Advice & Materials for Reading Comprehension Skills and Speed

Alpha Score LSAT gives their advice on how to improve on the reading comprehension section.

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  • Note taking
  • Reading critically
  • Focusing while reading
  • Getting used to higher-level reading material
  • Creative advice on improving recall and understanding

How to Score a 180 on the LSAT!

Finally, there’s a refreshing and down-to-earth video by a Howard University graduate on how to score well on the LSAT. If you’re looking for some tips from students in your position, struggling like you might be as you study, she’s worth checking out. She gives encouragement, tips on staying focused and un-stressed, and stories about her journey.

Now that you’ve seen the best LSAT videos, you’re well on your way to scoring higher on the LSAT!


  • Deborah

    Deborah earned her undergraduate degree from Brown University in 2010 and MBA from Salve Regina University. She scored in the 96th percentile on the LSAT and loves finding better ways to understand logic and solid arguments. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys volunteering, reading adventure fiction, and adding tech skills to her toolbox.

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