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Let’s take a closer look at the two-part question IELTS essay. This essay is a specific subtype for IELTS Writing Task 2; it requires you to answer two separate but related questions about a social issue. For more info on the two-part essay, including tips and tricks, check out Magoosh’s complete guide to IELTS Writing Task 2 question types.

Below, I’ll give you a sample question and sample response for this Task 2 question type. The response itself will be based on Rachel’s IELTS Writing Task 2 template. This essay is a Band 9 model essay. See the score explanation after the essay for more info on why this essay is a Band 9.

Two-Part Question IELTS Essay: Sample Question with Model Response

First, let’s take a look at the question, complete with instructions:

Two-Part Question IELTS Essay Sample Task

Increasingly, people eat food from other parts of the world, rather than local food. What do you think is driving this trend? Is this a good or bad development? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Two-Part Question IELTS Essay: Model Answer

In the present day, food from around the globe makes its way to our plates, thanks to free trade and modern technology. While this phenomenon has some downsides, I think it is ultimately a good thing, because it allows us to experience new food cultures and improve our diets.

To understand the benefits of eating globally instead of locally, it is important to examine the causes. For one thing, trade agreements give participating countries access to food beyond what they can grow domestically. This international trade is aided by freezer transport, which can move food great distances without spoilage. As an example, free trade and food transport technology allows German diners to affordably eat pineapple, a healthy and delicious fruit that only grows in tropical regions. Through trade and technology, truly anyone can enjoy the best food the world offers.

This kind of benefit opens our minds to other cultures and strengthens our bodies. For instance, someone in the United States may not have much firsthand knowledge of India, but if they are able to eat imported Indian food, they may develop an interest in the culture. As a bonus, food from India and other countries can help Americans and others to eat a balanced diet, even during times of the year when their local foods are not in season. Indian food is just one example; clearly, today we can enjoy a rainbow of national foods and nutrients.

In short, trade agreements and rapid frozen food transport work together to create a better world. This new world allows us to become more aware of other cultures in a very enjoyable way while getting the nutrients we need to eat well. International food, then, is good for both our bodies and our souls.

Word count: 291

Why is this a band 9 essay?

This model response for a two-part question IELTS essay receives a top score because it satisfies all of the band 9 descriptors in the official IELTS Writing Task 2 rubric. Check that score guide out! And for an even more detailed look at why this essay is band 9, read the scorer commentary immediately below. (This commentary is based on the rubric at the link I just showed you!)

Scorer Commentary (Two-Part Sample Essay, Band 9)

The score report below is based on the official IELTS Writing Task 2 rubric. This report also looks very similar to the Magoosh IELTS essay scoring service.

Overall Band Score: 9

CATEGORYTask Achievement/ResponseCoherence and CohesionLexical ResourceGrammatical Range and Accuracy

What was done well in the essay:

  • At 291 words, this essay avoids the IELTS Writing word count penalty.
  • The essay covers both parts of the question clearly and fully. Right in the introduction, the writer states that access to international food is good, and briefly states the reasons such food is becoming more available. These ideas are then explored in depth in the body paragraphs and reviewed in the conclusion.
  • The first sentence of each body paragraph clearly states the topic. These main ideas are consistently followed by details, examples that illustrate the details, and final thoughts that summarize the main ideas, details, and examples.
  • Transitional and referential phrases are used frequently to make the connections between ideas clear. Examples of this kind of phrasing include “for one thing,” “this kind of benefit,” and “in short.”
  • Vocabulary and grammar are used both fluently and effectively. There are no serious errors there, and the words and sentence structures are varied so that none of the language seems repetitive.

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