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New SAT Video: High Utility Academic Words Part II

  SAT Vocabulary: High-Utility Academic Words Part II (Letter A) Click here for Part I of this video series! What is high utility? Basically, words that you need to know for college. In fact you may even know these words. You might not know, however, how to define them. And I don’t mean, “uh, it […]

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Choosing Between Two Answer Choices on the SAT

If you’ve ever taken an SAT class and gotten to the reading passages, you’ve probably heard someone say it before; you may have even said it yourself. This common refrain goes something like this: I narrow it down to two answers, and I always choose the wrong one. As a teacher, I might find it […]

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Best Strategies for SAT Reading Comprehension

Below you’ll find a list of the absolute best SAT Reading tips out there to help you crush the new SAT, starting with our top 5 strategies for the test. Keep reading on for our advice on how to avoid common wrong answers on the SAT, special tips for the vocabulary in context questions, and […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension – Parallel Reasoning

A really difficult type of question on the SAT has you take a scenario discussed in the passage and choose which of five hypothetical scenarios it is closest to. As you probably guessed, these five hypothetical scenarios make up the five answer choices. The passage below is already quite tricky, and the question below it […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension – The Dual Passage

So here’s the skinny: there will always be two sets of dual passages, one short (35-30 lines total) and one medium to very long (60-90 lines). What exactly is a dual passage? Well, just as its name implies it is a set of two passages written on a similar topic. The passages usually do not […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension Challenge Questions: Long Fiction

Fiction might sound like a welcome break from the other more academic SAT reading passages, but it’s not necessarily any easier. It can be really dry, in truth. So let’s see how well you hold up to a demonic reading passage. The excerpt below is long, old, full of characters to keep track of, and […]

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Reading SAT Fiction Passages

On every SAT, there’s one long fiction passage. It’s usually the longest individual reading passage on the test (which means about 75-100 lines). You might get a shorter fiction passage at only 50 or 60 lines long, but that’s less common. The SAT likes relatively recent fiction, but it’s not unheard of to see something […]

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Reading SAT Passages Faster

Note: This post has been updated to reflect changes in the SAT beginning March 2016 (aka the “New” SAT). Okay, so picture this: it’s Saturday morning and you’re taking the SAT. You’re working on the Reading test, and you’ve got about 5 minutes left in the section. You think you’re golden; you’re just about to […]

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Key Words in SAT Reading Comprehension

In spoken English, there’s a pattern of stressing syllables and words that makes a sort of rhythm. The SAT Reading Comprehension doesn’t have any questions about that, exactly, but we can learn a bit from it. And why we stress those sounds has something to do with finding important information in SAT reading comp. To […]

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