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SAT Reading Comprehension Question Type: Direct Reference

In the previous installments, we took apart a reading comprehension passage. The passage is of medium length, and you will usually get a couple of these on the SAT. Typically, passages of this length have no more than six questions. As this is a tutorial of sorts, I’ve decided to milk the passage for ten […]

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SAT Reading Comprehension: Specific Line Reference

The next Reading Comprehension question type is also the most common question type. Introducing: Line reference question. Okay, there is some irony here – there’s no line reference but an xx (no, don’t get the wrong idea). For the blog critical reading passage I didn’t have the nifty little program that allowed me to insert […]

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SAT CR Passage Questions: “Line Number” Vocabulary Words

For the next two questions from the following SAT reading passage, we have a question type called Vocabulary in Context. This question type is one of the easiest to improve on, mainly because many students approach this question incorrectly. What happened in between those two photographs is that I experienced, then overcame, what the poet […]

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