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Probability Challenge Question: Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Probability strikes dread into almost everybody. Couple that with the fact that many probability questions are convoluted word problems so that even the most confident math-o-phile is quaking in her boots. But before we get to the dread-inducing question a quick rundown. The magical, make-your-life-a heck-of-a-lot-easier probability equation: # of possibilities you are hoping to […]

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SAT Challenge Questions – Think You’re Smart?

Can you nail all three of these questions—and by “nail” I mean confidently get them? Well, if so you’re an SAT rock star. Of course, even if you do some educated guessing and get them correct, you are still in a pretty elite class. Do you got what it takes?   Math 1. Triangle ABC […]

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[redirected] SAT Math Friday – Coordinate Plane Challenge

Every now and then, the SAT gets really diabolical and throws a coordinate geometry question without the coordinate plane. To make matters worse, the question is usually difficult to begin with—even if you had the plane. The key is to translate the information by drawing out a mini-coordinate plane. Remember, this is a timed test, […]

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