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Ah, freshman year. Welcome back to the bottom of the totem pole. Once you get past the first awkward month (when you can’t get your locker to open, sit in the wrong part of the quad, and have all your classroom numbers written in your planner…or on your hand…), you’ll start to get the feel for this whole high school thing. It’s a little like the movies. But mostly better. When you need advice from upperclassmen, this is the place to go. Our high school bloggers have all been in your shoes, and have the knowledge to show for it.

A Freshman’s Guide To Balancing College Extracurriculars

No matter which college you attend, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in tons of extracurricular activities. It’s hard to choose between all of them! But it’s very important to make sure you don’t overcommit. Try to compromise and strike a balance.   Decide what you want to do beforehand Find a list of all […]

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High School Freshman Year Bucket List

Contrary to what some sources claim, your freshman year of high school does matter. For tons of incoming freshmen, this year will mark the beginning of the long, arduous journey to college. And if you’re a freshman, though you certainly don’t have to stress over college this early, this is a great year to get […]

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High Schooler’s Guide to Spending Your Summer Wisely

“Oh, lord,” you groan. “Now, this blogger’s gonna tell me to be—shudder—productive this summer.” I wish I could tell you that you’re wrong… …But I can’t. Summer is an awesome time to have fun, but it’s also such a vital period for tons of programs and activities and volunteer gigs that your mind will positively […]

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