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Top 9 ACT Science Tips (With Video)

If you’re planning on taking the ACT, the ACT Science section may have been a deciding factor in your decision…or it may have been something you grudgingly accepted. But whether you think of yourself as a science person or not, you can still master this section! These ACT Science tips will help you kick your […]

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Easy Tips for ACT Science

When preparing for the ACT, a lot of students feel like they hit a wall at some point. Maybe your practice test scores are stagnating, or even dropping—it happens. When it happens for an extended period of time, though, you might be in a rut. Help pull yourself off of that plateau with a few […]

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ACT Science: Passage Types

There are three distinct passage types on the ACT Science test: Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. Here’s how the numbers break down on most tests. In the past, there always used to be 3 Data Representation passages, 3 Research Summaries passages, and 1 Conflicting Viewpoints passage on each test (7 passages total). However, […]

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Has the Format of the ACT Science Test Changed?

Our students have been reporting that, on both the February and April 2015 tests, the ACT Science format was not at all what they expected. To be clear, the ACT Science format has always been standard in that it contains three types of passages: Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. However, recently test-takers have […]

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