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  • How Many Times Should I Take the ACT?

    It depends, but if you’re just starting your ACT journey, Mr. B offers some advice on how many times a student should take the ACT for maximum success.

  • How to Study for an ACT Retake

    Retaking the ACT? You’re not alone—lots of test-takers find that after their first official exam, they want different results. But the reality is most students sign up for an ACT retake and do exactly the same thing over again. It’s time to learn from the experience! Let’s do some soul-searching about how to study for […]

  • What is the ACT Residual Test?

    It can be a pain that the ACT is only offered 6 times per year. What if you need to take it next week in order to get your scores on time? Or what if you aren’t able to make it to one of the few dates the ACT is offered? Hopefully you won’t find […]

  • What Time Does the ACT Start?

    The ACT requires all students to report no later than 8:00 AM on test day. After all students are checked in and fill out their information on their test booklets and answer sheets, the actual test generally begins around 8:30 AM…