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How to Get a 23 Score on the ACT

If you’re a high school student contemplating your future, you’re probably wondering what ACT score you should aim for. In this post, we’ll look in particular at how to get a 23 score on the ACT. Why 23? If you’re hoping to attend college, a 23 score is high enough that your post-high school dreams […]

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10 Most Difficult ACT Questions

If you’re planning on taking the ACT, you might have some anxiety about the questions you’ll encounter. How hard will they be? What are some of the most difficult ACT questions like? In our experience, students find that some of the most difficult ACT questions take several steps to solve. In Math, problems can always […]

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Conquering Right Triangles & the Pythagorean Theorem on ACT Math – Part 2

If you’ve read Part 1 of the “Conquering Right Triangles…” series, you’re ready to rock some more challenging ACT Math questions with a quick “Triangles” quiz! Try each question on your own, then check your answer against the explanation! Question #1: A right triangle with one length of 60 degrees has two leg lengths of […]

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ACT Math Challenge: Average Speed

In a previous post, we took a look at two different types of “averages” you might see on the ACT Math Test, one of which was a fairly rare challenging concept known as “average speed. Often found in complex word problems, this type of question is one many students are less familiar with so don’t […]

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