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Unless you already have a 4.0, you probably wouldn’t mind a little boost in your GPA. So why not shoot for straight A’s?

Making that final push from B’s up to A’s can be a little intimidating, but have no fear, we’ve got you covered! To help you start getting A’s across the board, we’re proud to present our brand new resource: the “How to Get Straight A’s” video.

Watch the embedded video below, or scroll down for a full video transcript. 🙂

What Will I See in the “How to Get Straight A’s” Video?

In this free video, you’ll receive a brief introduction, followed by seven must-have study hacks:

    1. Figure out why you want straight A’s.
    2. Commit to getting straight A’s.
    3. Make a good impression with your teachers and professors.
    4. Know all of the components of your grade.
    5. Don’t forget the little stuff.
    6. Check out “How to Study”.
    7. Remember that your grades don’t define you!

    “How to Get Straight A’s” Video Transcript:

    Hello, welcome, today we are going to be talking about how to get straight As.

    All right, you’re in school. You’re doing pretty well. You think you can shoot your shot and get straight As.

    I believe in you.

    Let’s go through some tips.

    Tip number 1 is figure out why you want straight As.

    Okay, so straight As in and of themselves not that great of a motivator.

    They’re kind of just an arbitrary grade that you get.

    So figure out why you want them.

    Do you want straight As because you’re trying to get into a specific college or grad program and you know that having a great GPA will really help you do that?

    Or are you trying to get straight As because you want to prove to yourself and to others that you really, flawlessly know the information in your classes front to back.

    Or maybe you’re trying to win a really awesome pizza party.

    I’m not judging you, I’m just saying that you need to know your why.

    Because, otherwise, when you’re in the depths of studying, and you’re tired, and you wanna just go to sleep, it’s gonna be easy to lose steam if you don’t have a big why compelling you forward.

    Tip number 2 is to commit to getting straight As.

    So once you know why you want them, you need to actually commit yourself to getting straight As.

    What does this mean?

    Basically it means when the time comes and you are trying to decide whether or not you should re-binge watch Stranger Things season two or you should study, you’re probably gonna need to choose studying.

    One big way to commit to getting straight As is to look at you’re spending your time during the week.

    Where is there a spot where you can sneak in an extra study session or two extra study sessions?

    What activities are you doing regularly that don’t really serve you?

    Like for example, if you’re just scrolling for an hour in the Instagram discovery section, could you instead be studying biology?

    This doesn’t mean that you can never relax.

    But try to make choices with your time that get you closer to your goals.

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    [SOUND] Tip number 3 is to make a good impression with your teachers and professors.

    You want them to know who you are and you want them to think that you are awesome.

    So sit at the front of class.

    Ask questions that show that you have done the reading.

    If it’s a really big class and a university, go to the office hours and introduce yourself and ask the brilliant question that you cooked up.

    Take a little bit of extra time to make sure that you stand out in a good way.

    You’re gonna wanna go above and beyond on all of your assignments, which is awesome because that is what actually gets you straight As.

    But make sure you especially go above and beyond on your first assignments because those set the tone for what the teacher or professor thinks of you as a student going forward.

    This has it’s own psychological name.

    It’s called the Halo Effect.

    Basically, the information someone gets about you at the beginning of your relationship colors what they think about you for the rest of your relationship.

    So this tip is backed by science.

    Tip number 4 is to know all of the components that you are being graded on.

    Since you have multiple classes, sometimes it can be hard to keep track who is gonna be giving you quizzes, what classes your participation especially matters in.

    Once you know what all of the components are for each class, write them down.

    Write them down in one space, so that you know that you definitely have all of those pieces of your grade on lock.

    Tip number 5 is don’t forget about the little stuff.

    It can be really easy to forget to check your answers at the end of the test or to think, oh do I really need to proofread that essay?

    If you wanna get straight As, you need to proofread that essay.

    Make sure that you aren’t letting little things like that go to chance, and be detail oriented.
    That’s what’s really gonna get you to straight As.

    Tip number 6 is to check out my video about how to study.

    I’ll link it in the description.

    But basically, this video goes a lot more in-depth about how to actually structure your studies.

    So if you have questions there, I think I could be a really big help.

    Tip number 7 is actually a disclaimer.

    Basically, don’t forget your grades don’t define you.

    Straight As can be an awesome goal for all of the reasons that we discussed before, but they are not the only thing.

    Your focus should be on learning and on growth.

    There’s a really good Mark Twain quote, which is don’t let your schooling interfere with your education.

    Make sure you don’t.

    All right, those are of my tips for you.

    I hope that this was really helpful, and I’m really excited for you to get straight As, seriously.

    Okay, I want you to leave a comment about which thing you are going to commit to doing to get straight As and maybe even why you wanna get straight As.

    I would really love to know.

    All right, I will see you in the next video.

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