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Rachel Kapelke-Dale

How to Get into UGA: SAT and ACT Scores, GPA and More

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Thinking about moving to Athens—Athens, Georgia, that is? You’ll find one of three universities claiming to be America’s first there. You’ll also find a whole lot more, including vibrant green space, 140-degree programs, and a strong Greek system (appropriately). If you’re wondering how to get into UGA, look no further. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know about UGA admissions, including how to get into UGA, UGA SAT scores, UGA ACT scores, and much more to do with this “public Ivy.”

First of all, here are UGA admissions in brief.

UGA at a Glance

UGA SAT Scores (middle 50%)1220-1360
UGA ACT Scores (middle 50%)28-32
UGA admissions rate53%
UGA GPA average (middle 50%)3.88-4.0

UGA SAT Scores

The average UGA SAT score is 1344, with a middle 50% breakdown between 1220-1360. Basically, 25% of students admitted to UGA score above 1360 on the SAT; 25% score below 1220. Here’s the most recent breakdown from UGA:

Math (old test)570-670
Critical Reading (old test)570-670

The big issue with these UGA SAT scores is that they have only released “old” SAT scores broken down by category—that is, for the pre-2016 text, which is no longer offered. You can look at your SAT scores here in comparison to old SAT scores to see how they stack up. (Note that the composite scores above are fresh from the 2017 admission cycle, though!)

One thing to note is that, although successful applicants can and do score below this middle 50% range, the minimum score UGA will accept on the SAT is 430 in Critical Reading and 400 in Math, though most of the students they accept will score far above this.

If you’re applying to the UGA honors program, way to go! Note that the average SAT for this program is a whopping 1490 (though don’t let that stop you applying if you have your heart set on it!).

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UGA ACT Scores

What about the ACT? Oh, yes, UGA definitely accepts both tests. Here are the UGA ACT scores.


You’re probably wondering if there’s a minimum ACT score for UGA admission (as there is for the SAT). Yep! It’s 17 in English and 17 in Math. Again, remember that most UGA applicants who are admitted will score far above this—so it’s a good idea to get your scores as high as possible!

If you’re looking at UGA’s honors program, UGA ACT scores for that are 33. Stiff competition!

Liam got a 35 on the act. Get a higher act score.

UGA Acceptance Rate

UGA’s overall acceptance rate in 2017 (i.e. for the class of 2021) was 53%, or just over half. How to get into UGA and be among that 53%? It’s not all test scores…grades are important to UGA admissions as well.

Pro-tip from slyndgaard (UGA ’18), AdmitSee:

“They recognize that your performance over the past four years is more indicative of your potential college performance than a single test during your junior or senior year. The SAT and ACT are still critical, but don’t slow down your focus on junior/senior classes in the hope of adding a few points to your score!”

UGA GPA Average

UGA’s GPA average for admitted students is high high high: 4.0. However, don’t let that deter you if you have less than perfect grades! The middle 50% of admitted students had between a 3.88 and a 4.0. This means that 25% of admitted students had a GPA average of less than 3.88. Note, though, that these GPAs probably weren’t that much lower than 3.88—99% of students admitted to UGA were in the top 50% of their high school classes and 0% were from the bottom 25%. (If you’re not sure where you stand, ask your guidance counselor.)

If your grades aren’t quite up to the UGA GPA average, don’t let that deter you from applying. Instead, work on improving your test scores, getting great letters of recommendation, and writing a stellar essay.

UGA Freshman Profile

UGA students are impressive, no doubt about it. 98% of students admitted in 2017 took at least one advanced course in high school, whether that’s an AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment class—and the average student came in with 20 hours of college credit. Out of the nearly 6,000 students in the class, more than half had a GPA of 4.0 or higher.

You don’t have to be from Georgia either; students from more than 34 countries and 43 different states are represented in the class of 2021. (It’s more expensive without the great in-state tuition, but still less expensive than many private schools.)

How to get into UGA honors program? The stats are high but definitely doable: 586 students were accepted in 2017, with average ACT scores of 33, average SAT scores of 149, and average GPAs of 4.12.


Does UGA have more than one location?

This can be a little tricky: basically, there’s one main UGA location (that’s in Athens), but there are numerous campuses depending on what you’re looking for, what you’re studying, and what degree you’re pursuing. A map will definitely come in handy!

Does UGA require the SAT or ACT essay?

Not at all. In fact, they note on their website that they won’t look at these scores even if you submit them. Don’t worry if you submitted them—it won’t hurt your chances, they just won’t be taken into account. If you are applying to schools other than UGA though, make sure that none of them require the essay before foregoing it altogether!

Can you apply early action at UGA?

Yes, you can! slyndgaard from AdmitSee can tell you all you need to know about it:

“For the academic-based early admission application, UGA doesn’t look at anything like essays, recommendations, or extracurriculars, unless you are deferred, in which case you will be asked to submit Part Two with this supplemental information. For some, this may not be the best fit, but if you have strong scores and grades and want a stress-free, quick application, this is for you. Applying took me less than 45 minutes. One tip would be to go ahead and send in your SAT or ACT scores as you take the test, rather than waiting to send them later. UGA superscores, so you have nothing to lose by sending them in ASAP.”

Does UGA have a waitlist?

Yes! And if you’ve been waitlisted, here’s some great news: UGA eventually accepted more than 50% of students on the wait list for the 2016 admissions cycle. Make sure you (gently, once) express your continued interest in UGA to the admissions office if it’s your dream school and you’re waiting to hear back.

How to Get Into UGA

UGA admissions are competitive. However, if you take the time to make your UGA application as strong as it can be—working on getting your scores up to average UGA SAT scores or average UGA ACT scores or even higher—you improve your odds of getting in. GPA is also important in UGA admissions, though the office definitely takes other factors into consideration. So if UGA’s your dream school, go for it! Good luck!

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