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    Tanya has taught advanced English and test prep for over five years, and sees standardized tests as solvable puzzles. When she's not reading or writing, she is sampling local bakeries or enjoying the outdoors with her dogs.

The Point of SAT Paragraph Correction

The questions in SAT Paragraph Correction deviate from the rest of SAT Writing. The SAT throws out a big chunk of text, requiring you to mentally switch gears. Rather than obsessing over the individual components of sentences and tweaking them (like in Sentence Correction and Error ID), you’re now looking at a whole piece of […]

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SAT Error Identification: Know Your Advantages

Develop an “eye for grammar.” Wear your monocle and get to it. I know someone* who picks out grammatical mistakes wherever they show up: flyers, menus, signs, newspaper articles, instruction manuals, etc. She’s often tempted to circle them. On occasion, she has given into this temptation. Noooo! Do you see it?! Whether or not you […]

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