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    Dana is a current high school senior who enjoys writing when she has a free moment. When she’s not studying, reading, or interning, she loves to go exploring the Bay Area with her friends. She loves discovering new activities and learning as much as she can. She hopes to help fellow students achieve their goal by sharing her knowledge on how to navigate high school life.

Do You Have Weak Extracurriculars

If you have ever browsed through the website, you have probably seen the phrase “weak ec’s”. To put that phrase into context for students have yet to see it, it means a student’s extracurriculars aren’t as strong as they could be or meet the standards for college admissions (in the eyes of the person […]

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What Are Rolling Admissions?

With college application season coming to a close, there are still many options for students who have yet to apply for college or are looking for more schools to apply to. Schools with rolling admissions can save students who feel they have missed their opportunity to apply to college. You haven’t!

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Senior Year: The Nostalgia

Throughout my junior year and the summer leading up to my senior year, I was flooded with advice on my senior year of high school. The most common advice that was given to me was to cherish every moment of my senior year, because it would be over sooner than expected. So that’s what I […]

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Should you intern in high school?

The short answer is yes! I highly recommend interning in high school, but before you go hunting for internship opportunities in your area, there are some pros and cons to consider. Pros: Insight into different career options Networking opportunities Hands on experience in a professional setting Strengthen college applications Build your resume   Cons: Time […]

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Top 3 TED Talks All Students Should Watch

Some people binge watch TV shows on Netflix, others troll Instagram for hours. As for me, I watch TED talks. Religiously. TED talks is a great source for motivation, guidance and overall knowledge. With thousands of talks covering almost any topic imaginable, there is a talk for anyone. So, what is TED talks? “TED is […]

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Are College Visits Worthwhile?

It’s popular, especially junior year of high school, to go and visit colleges that you may apply to your senior year. While touring campus’s seem like a fun way to learn about a school, is it really worth the time? Here are some pros and cons to consider!

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Studying

Have you ever endlessly studied for a test only to find out that you didn’t pass? We have all been there at one point or another. You study tirelessly and feel confident you know the material, only to not pass. It feels awful, but how do you fix it? First, analyze how your studying!

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Should You Share Your Score?

Checking a standardized test score can be very stressful. There is that rush of adrenaline that goes through your body as the internet page loads, and of course the internet chooses that very moment to go slower than usual. Or, maybe it’s just the overload of students dying to know their score. Regardless, the anticipation […]

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Private University Myths Debunked!

Private universities are often overlooked when applying to colleges because of the many myths that surround them. If you were like, you may think applying to a private university is hopeless because of cost, size, or maybe even the type of people you think go there. Let’s look at these myths a bit closer…

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