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    In addition to blogging about AP Calculus, Oakland resident Chris Wirick has played the oboe in Beijing and Berlin, studied math and cognitive science (the other CS) at Cal Berkeley, and can’t stop gardening, cooking and eating new foods.

Computing the Definite Integral of a Polynomial

We want to focus on the definite integral of a polynomial function. These arise very commonly in calculus, so here are detailed solutions to two problems, one multiple-choice and one free-response, involving a definite integral of polynomial.   Free-Response Definite Integrals: You will not commonly be asked to evaluate common definite integrals on the free-response, […]

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AP Calculus: AB Free Response

The free response portion of an AP Exam (also officially known as Section II) is very important, and the AP Calculus AB free response is no different. In fact, the AB free response section is weighed equally with your multiple choice results. It also turns out that the structure of the AB and BC Exams […]

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