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    Cassidy recently graduated from San Dieguito High School Academy located in Southern California, and is looking forward to studying at Barnard College at Columbia University next fall. She loves pretty much everything from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to classic American Literature, but above all learning new things and meeting new people. Like her older brother Zack (who also works at Magoosh!), she also enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee.

SAT Test Day Walk Through

So, you’ve spent tons of time studying for the SAT, registered for the test, but then it hits you—what do you actually do the 24 hours before the test? Stay up all night cramming last minute? Chug three cups of coffee? Get there 5 minutes before the test is supposed to start? Welcome to your […]

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Top College Research Engines

College research engines are the best-kept secret of the 21st century college applicant. Virtually no one I know used one, yet they are incredible tools that can help guide you through the massive labyrinth that is university research. The only problem is—which one? This post was created to help you figure out just that. Keep […]

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Volunteer/Community Service Hours

Time-consuming, sometimes difficult, and often complained about, community service hours are a notorious section on college applications. For many of us, it pretty much feels like… But when should you start volunteering? What kind of activity should it be? And most importantly, how will they show up on your college application? In this post I’ve […]

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Organization (The Step by Step Guide)

So…organization. Repeated more often by teachers, mentors, and parents as the key to the universe, and the great mystery (or dreaded arch nemesis) of many a high school student. But what is organization? At least in my personal AP-Studentese dictionary, organization is the effort to put your thoughts and physical homework and classwork into a […]

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SAT Subject Tests – Sophomore Year!

There are no SAT tests sophomore year right? Sophomore year is golden time before the madness of junior year, surely. Right? No really, right? Unfortunately, not right. SAT subject tests are the little known college application requirement you should take as early as sophomore year. What are SAT Subject Tests? SAT Subject tests are additional […]

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Interesting = Studying

Okay, you’re going to study for the SAT, the ACT, your AP tests, and any-test-ever-my-life-is-studying. So obviously the first thing you do is all of your other homework. Then you walk the dog, maybe get some food—basically anything except actually sitting down and studying. What can you do to combat this gut-wrenching resistance to studying? […]

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Study Smarter Not Harder

It’s a cliché you’ve heard over and over again — “study smarter, not harder” — but what does it actually mean when “studying” means something different to everyone? Unfortunately, for many of us it can seem to mean spending hours on end pouring over our textbooks only to end up more confused than when we […]

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