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Jamie Goodwin

Anne Hutchinson: APUSH Topics to Study for Test Day

When reviewing early colonial history, you need to review information for Anne Hutchinson APUSH questions. Here are some things you should know about her for the exam:

Who Is Anne Hutchinson?

Anne Hutchinson was a Puritan who organized and led meetings to discuss the weekly sermons. The meetings became popular, and many leading citizens of the Massachusetts Bay Colony attended them.

Anne was outspoken about her belief in predestination and being saved by grace alone. Because of this, she thought that it really didn’t matter what people did from day-to-day. Also, she spoke out about receiving personal revelation rather than waiting to hear from the ministers, which was heresy at the time.

These beliefs ended up getting her into trouble. While pregnant, she was put on trial and found guilty of “antinomian heresy” in 1637. As a result, they banished her from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Her baby was stillborn, and her husband died shortly after. Many people thought it was God’s punishment for her blasphemous ways.

In the end, Anne moved to New York where Indians killed her during a raid.

Anne Hutchinson on trial.



Why Is Anne Hutchinson Important to Know?

Anne Hutchinson challenged gender roles and church authority. Although she lived in a Puritan community, she didn’t rely on ministers to help her form her opinions and make decisions. Her actions contributed to ideas of separation of church and state found in the U.S. Constitution.

People/Events to Know

  • Puritans- The Puritans originated in England. They wanted to reform the Church of England from within. After experiencing persecution, they set out for America seeking religious freedom. However, they were not tolerant of religious diversity within their community.
  • John Winthrop- John Winthrop was known for his ideas of becoming a “city on a hill”. He was the Massachusetts governor and a Puritan minister who thought Anne Hutchinson was blasphemous. Consequently, he launched a counterattack against her.
  • Roger Williams- Scholars often group Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson together. The Puritans banished him from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, too. Then, he founded Rhode Island and promoted the ideas of religious toleration and freedom of thought.
  • Practice Questions

    1.How did Anne Hutchinson contribute to the idea of separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution?

      a. The Puritans banished Anne for speaking out against the religious leaders of her colony.
      b. Anne created her own colony where everyone practiced religious toleration and freedom of thought.
      c. She wasn’t a religious person, so she refused to follow the laws created by the church.
      d. Anne was the first person to create a separate religion from the Puritans in colonial America.

    Answer: A. After she spoke out against the doctrine of the Puritan church and challenged church authority, Anne Hutchinson contributed to the idea of separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution.

    2.Why was Anne Hutchinson banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

      a. She led a revolt against the Massachusetts governor.
      b. She challenged gender roles and the church authority.
      c. The Puritans were angry when she started her own religion.
      d. They believed that she was practicing witchcraft.

    Answer: B. Because she challenged gender roles and spoke out against the teachings of the Puritan ministers, they banished Anne Hutchinson from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

    How did you do? Are you ready to answer questions regarding Anne Hutchinson on the exam? Try writing your own Anne Hutchinson APUSH questions to continue to practice applying the information for the exam. Good luck!

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