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Beth Gonzales

5 Good Online Practice APUSH Tests

5 Good Online Practice APUSH Tests

Practice APUSH tests can help you study more efficiently by identifying areas that you need the most support in. Use our top 5 online practice APUSH tests to help you practice for your upcoming test.

1. AP College Board

For the most realistic sneak peek into an PUSH test, visit the official exam section at College Board. You can practice with a previously released exam – which means you get an accurate feel for what your upcoming test will be like. Once you download your practice APUSH test, grab a pencil and get started! Although extremely realistic, the caveat to a paper/pencil test is that you are responsible for timing and calculating results yourself.
Bonus: hone your writing skills with the free response questions and scoring guideline section. College Board provides questions dating all the way back to 2001, so you have a huge selection to choose from!

2. Barron’s AP US History practice exam

A nice feature to Barron’s is the ability to run this exam both in practice and timed modes. For the most authentic practice, use the timed mode so you can practice thinking quickly under pressure. After completing the test, view your results. Barron’s calculates the multiple-choice section for you, and provides a rubric so you can score your free-response answer. Every answer key comes with an explanation, so you can analyze your incorrect answers. Barron’s also provides a chart so you can approximate your total AP score.

3. APUSH Study Guide Sample Quiz

This quiz from Gilder Lehman only has 19 questions, so it is not a true APUSH test. However, a cool feature is that each sample question represents one of 9 APUSH sections. After answering a question, the site offers more information on that particular topic. For example, you can click to hear how a system of mercantilism operated or find more materials to review APUSH Period 2. It’s a great way to get review follow-up information to questions you may not know how to answer.

4. McGraw-Hill Education Practice Plus

McGraw offers diagnostic quizzes and tests based on their test-prep guides. Take an APUSH practice quiz, then use your results to help identify strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge base. McGraw-Hill covers a lot of information, so if you are looking for additional AP study materials (not just APUSH), you can most likely find something useful on this site.


While not a true practice APUSH test, the quizzes at are extensive! They cover topics and time periods ranging from 1500s-present day. The awesome thing about this site is that it hits on specific topics within time periods, so you can be sure you know just as much about Imperialism & Foreign Affairs as you do about the Jackson Era. Each multiple-choice quiz comes with an answer key and explanation.
For more information about study materials, tips and everything APUSH, visit our Magoosh APUSH blogs!

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