ACT eBook – Free PDF Download

ACT eBook - Free PDF Download
download your free ACT eBook from Magoosh

Meet the Magoosh ACT eBook

The Magoosh ACT eBook is your complete guide to the ACT exam. And it’s completely free. 🙂

This resource comes from the same Magoosh ACT experts who brought you Magoosh ACT Prep and the Magoosh High School Blog. This free eBook will help you begin your ACT prep, give you the information and strategies you’ll need as you get closer to your exam, and even help you understand your scores after the test.

Perfect for both beginners and advanced students, this ACT eBook has a little something for everyone.

What You’ll Get from this Free ACT eBook

The Magoosh ACT eBook:

  • Walks you through the format of the ACT exam
  • Explains every type of question the ACT could ask
  • Spells out proven strategies for each question type
  • Includes ACT practice problems and explanations to help you gain experience
  • Has tons of helpful graphs, images, anecdotes, and nerdy jokes to make your prep more fun



The Magoosh ACT eBook isn’t written like a textbook. It isn’t dense or dry, and you won’t need a million post-it notes just to keep track of what’s going on.

In fact, there are no rules—you can use this new resource in whatever way works for you. Because it’s a PDF, you can feel free to read it online, save it for later use, or even print out certain sections to read on the go.

Here’s the best way to get started:

    1. Check out the Table of Contents to see what sounds cool. The Table of Contents is clickable, so go ahead and navigate straight to that section. See? Already better than a textbook.

    2. Skim through the parts you naturally find most interesting.

    3. Then, when you’ve gotten a better idea of the eBook’s format, spend more time on the sections you need the most help in. Learn the strategies, try some practice problems, and take lots of notes. Have questions? Leave a comment on this post. 🙂

    4. When you’re ready for more resources, visit our ACT Study Guide. It expands on the eBook and offers additional resources, such as a study calendar, handy prep checklist, and ACT test-specific study schedules.

Get Your Copy of Magoosh’s Free ACT eBook

Did I mention that this new ACT eBook is completely FREE?

Get your own copy here.

We really hope you like the Magoosh ACT eBook! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. 🙂


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