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A Big List of Magoosh’s Free GRE Resources

Magoosh’s team of GRE experts have put a considerable amount of time into creating a wide variety of the free GRE studying resources which have been released over the years. Of course, we know that your time is especially valuable when you’re studying for the GRE and you would rather not sacrifice important study time […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: ‘W’ Words

It’s without doubt a wide world of words, and in honor of such an alliterative outpouring, I present you with the unsung and unwieldy letter ‘W’. Nowhere nearly as fecund as other letters, as far as starting words go, ‘W’ still shows up in some important GRE words.   Waggish Waggish doesn’t describe a happy […]

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GRE Vocab Wednesday: Words from Article of the Month

Whenever we have an article of the month, dozens of vocab words are featured in the post. Usually, I’ll tell students just to look out for these words as they read the article; I don’t, however, provide a definition. For the February/March Article of the Month, I delved a bit deeper, checking which ones were […]

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Are you a tutor?

At Magoosh, we’re always looking for ways to help more students improve their scores. Because of that, we’ve decided to strengthen our relationships with tutors. What does that exactly mean? Well, if you are a tutor or have tutored previously and are interested in getting involved with Magoosh, let us know by completing this form! […]

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