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A Big List of Magoosh’s Free GRE Resources

Magoosh’s team of GRE experts have put a considerable amount of time into creating a wide variety of the free GRE studying resources which have been released over the years. Of course, we know that your time is especially valuable when you’re studying for the GRE and you would rather not sacrifice important study time […]

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GRE for Business School

When you say entrance test and business school, you typically get a reflex response (GMAT!). But taking the GRE for business school may actually be a better choice.  To see if this applies to you, keep in mind the following points.   Most top name b-schools accept the GRE Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, UC Berkeley, Duke, […]

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2013 GRE Book Reviews

Not much has changed in 2013. The big players have slapped a different glossy cover on their respective books, left what’s in between the covers unchanged, and called them new books. That many of these books were originally published before the Revised GRE had even debuted suggests the content inside is anything but 2013. On […]

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The GMAT vs. The GRE

Which test should you take? Use our new infographic to decide! Share Using the Embed Code Below Please include attribution to with this graphic. Share Using the Embed Code Below Please include attribution to with this graphic. Deciding between the GRE and GMAT You might have heard that many who take the GRE […]

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GRE iPhone App from Magoosh

About 2 months ago I announced the release of our GRE Android app. In that article, I mentioned that we had an iPhone app in the works. Well we learned that it’s much harder to get your app approved by Apple than by Google, but we made it and now our GRE iPhone app has […]

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ETS Announcement: GRE Score Reports Update

A few days ago, ETS made a major announcement regarding score reports. The gist of it is that on test day: You can send four free score reports, one to each institution. You can send score reports for all the GRE tests that you have taken in the last four years The second announcement is […]

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Magoosh GRE Android app, prep on the go

You may have been wondering what the Magoosh team has been up to recently. Well, we’ve been hard at work on a secret project… We’ve been creating a Magoosh GRE Android app! Many Premium users of our online GRE prep product have been asking for a better mobile interface and that’s what we wanted to […]

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What is a Good GRE Score?

Update: We updated this post with all of the new information we have in 2016. Here at Magoosh, our students regularly ask us what a good GRE score is. The short answer is that a “good” score is different for everyone. But in this post I’ll give you a longer, more comprehensive answer. Determining what […]

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