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Magoosh GRE Prep During COVID-19

What a time to be prepping for the GRE! As though studying for a standardized test wasn’t stressful enough, now you’re doing it during a global pandemic. GRE prep during COVID-19 is not ideal, to say the very least. Whether your GRE study plans were disrupted due to Coronavirus, or you decided to begin prepping […]

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GRE Scores by Program Major

Remember the days of undergrad when you could apply to college undeclared and spend some time just experimenting and figuring things out? Good times. If only grad school applications were that flexible. If you’re taking the time to apply to graduate school, then you’ve already settled on an academic discipline and probably have a career […]

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Making the Most of Magoosh GRE Study Schedules

The most challenging aspect of studying for the GRE – and being a graduate student, for that matter – is learning to manage your study time wisely. Staying organized and self-motivated while keeping procrastination at bay is no small feat. (Trust me. Candy Crush and Instagram were invented while I was in grad school. I […]

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