GMAT Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning on the GMAT can be overwhelming. Don't let it cause you anxiety! Instead, boost your IR score by learning all about GMAT IR: question formats, how to interpret problems, and what practice you need to do before test day.

Understanding GMAT IR

Most Popular GMAT Integrated Reasoning

On the GMAT Quantitative section, there is no calculator.  On the IR section, there is a built-in calculator.  The calculator that comes with GMAT’s 50 official IR practice question is quite similar, almost identical, to what you will see in the test.  Here is a brief tour of that calculator. The Calculator First of all, […]

Most Recent GMAT Integrated Reasoning

This Graphics Interpretation section has twelve questions, just as GMAT Integrated Reasoning will have.  You are allowed to use a calculator, because an on-screen calculator will be available during the Integrated Reasoning section only of the actual exam. The chart above shows the technology capabilities of the 20 existing high schools in Grangerville.   Questions […]