Benefits and Perks

Magoosh hires the best, nicest, most stoked people we can find — and we want to keep them. Below are some of our benefits and perks that keep us healthy, happy and engaged, both at work and in our personal lives. If you’re interested in eligibility requirements for any of the following, please shoot us a message at


The biggest benefit to working at Magoosh is working with our team. Magoosh has a strong and well-defined culture based on our core values. We truly try to live our values, and hire people who share them. This framework gives us a shared understanding of how we make decisions and encourages all Magooshers to take ownership of their work and their careers.


Magoosh offers competitive compensation in both salary and equity. We have a framework and rigorous process that aims to pay all employees fairly and equitably.

Vacation / PTO

Our vacation and PTO policy is flexible; there are no pre-set limits and you don’t have to wait to accrue vacation days. As long as your manager approves, you can take the time you need when you need it. Most Magooshers take between 4 and 5 weeks of combined Sick/PTO each year, but we aim to support everyone with the time they need to be healthy and recharged. We also have VTO, or volunteer time off. Magooshers can take up to 24 hours of paid time off to dedicate to volunteering, with manager approval.

Magoosh employees on vacation

Magooshers around the world sending back pictures to make the rest of us jealous.



For full-time employees, Magoosh offers health insurance (through Blue Shield or Kaiser), dental insurance (Delta), and vision insurance (VSP). We cover 100% of the premiums for employees and 70% for dependents. If you choose to waive insurance, you can receive a $250 / month pre-tax stipend.

Magoosh insurance coverage

Flexible Spending Accounts

We offer flexible spending accounts for healthcare and dependent care. You can set aside up to the current federal limit (check here for 2018 limits) in pre-tax funds for each of these accounts.

Parental Leave

Magoosh loves babies. Whenever any of our kids come by the office, everything stops and there’s a lot of “aww-ing” going on. We have a parental leave policy that supports working parents and encourages you to take the time you need.

Magoosh parental leave policy

We offer a minimum of 12 weeks of paid leave at 100% salary for primary caregivers eligible for California Pregnancy Disability leave (i.e., parents who give birth). We offer 8 weeks of paid leave at 100% salary for primary caregivers who are not giving birth, and 6 weeks of paid leave at 100% of salary for secondary caregivers.

Magoosh works with California’s state leave benefits (both Pregnancy Disability Leave and Paid Family Leave) to make employees’ salaries whole during the time of leave. Employees who have regularly worked full-time for a year or more are eligible for caregiver leave. There are some other specific eligibility requirements for Magoosh’s flexible leave policy as well as these California benefits, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to

Other Benefits

Magoosh offers a 401k benefit with matching money for up to 4% of your salary. There’s no vesting period, so the deposits to your account start immediately. We also offer coverage for long-term disability and workers compensation. If you’re driving, busing, or BART-ing to Magoosh, we offer a commuter plan with pre-tax funds and a $100 monthly contribution for work transportation and parking.


In addition to the benefits above, Magoosh offers lots of great perks that help us all stay stoked.

  • Team activity stipend: $50 a month, accruing up to $400, to pay for events with any Magoosh team members. These can be almost anything that a group of Magooshers want to do: baseball games, dinner, concerts, opera tickets, movie night…
  • Classes stipend: $100 a month, accruing up to $1,000, for any personal class you want to take. Magooshers have used this to learn everything
    from cooking to yoga to glass blowing.
  • Free catered lunch on Fridays
  • Office snacks
  • Bi-monthly team dinners
  • Professional development (free networking lunches, work-related books/classes/conferences)
  • Free equipment (by request: laptop, monitor, headphones, etc.)