We Love Our Nonprofit Partners!

We talk a lot about student stoke (as you may have noticed), but that’s only because seeing our students get excited about their test prep success makes us really … well … stoked!

We don’t, however, give enough credit to the “stoke levels” of some of our nonprofit partners. Their excitement is also through the roof — about helping their students achieve their academic dreams and about working with Magoosh!

Below you’ll find testimonials from two of our partners, Y-Scholars and Reach Higher. We have so much respect for what they and all our other nonprofit partners do. Their dedication to improving students’ lives is truly admirable and we’re honored receive their praise and to work with them.

Check out what they have to say about their Magoosh experience, but then — more importantly — make sure to check out their websites! Seriously, you gotta see what amazing things they’re up to.


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Their mission:

The mission of the Y-Scholars Program (YSP) is to support high school students by improving their academic skills, developing their CLASP (Commitment, Leadership, Attitude, Self-Discipline, and Passion) character strengths, and assisting them in making informed decisions about their personal goals and future plans.

Their Magoosh Experience:

“Magoosh’s generous offer to extend their resource with the Y-Scholars Program has been invaluable. From the online test prep courses to printable guides, our students are able to have extra options to help them in their studies and stay competitive in applying for colleges. We love that Magoosh seems to always be evolving and improving. This is the same philosophy we share in terms of building our own programs here at the Teen Center.”

– Audi Huang, Executive Director

Reach Higher

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Their Mission:

The Reach-Higher Organization is a non-profit, non-partisan initiative, whose mission is to empower our students and communities, within the Boston Metropolitan Area, through an emphasis on educational advancement. We do this by providing free supplementary educational opportunities to those who would otherwise be unable to obtain such opportunities on their own.

Their Magoosh Experience:

“It’s hard to put into words just how powerful and incredible Magoosh has been for our students. I started Reach-Higher with the goal of providing educational resources that can “equalize” the playing field for students from under-resourced schools and backgrounds. Now, with Magoosh, my students actually have—for the first time in their life—a resource that is actually superior to the products and services offered by other for-profit firms.

For many of my students, their “baseline” level of understanding for most of the concepts tested on the SAT is very weak. Although nothing short of educational reform can completely rectify this situation, Magoosh’ platform goes a long way towards helping my students achieve optimal results. Magoosh’ questions are some of the most realistic I have seen, and the answers and explanations are extremely comprehensive—reinforcing the key concepts in a way that my students understand. The content and structure of the Magoosh program is nothing short of amazing—in fact, we now use Magoosh as a key supplement to our teaching, and we would like to start classes that use Magoosh exclusively.

Most importantly, Magoosh has always been very supportive of our organization and our mission. Perhaps the most expressive thing I can say about Magoosh is that they care—about their product, their services, their customers, and (thankfully for us) their community.”

– Neil Assur, Executive Director


Thanks, you guys! Again, we are humbled by your kind words and honored to work alongside you! Keep being awesome. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Magoosh, reach out at partnerships [at] magoosh [com]! 


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