Meet Jessica, Our New Director of Marketing

Meet Jessica, Our New Director of Marketing

Maizie on July 7, 2015

We’ve got a new member of the team here at Magoosh and we are so excited for you to meet her! Her name is Jessica Wan and she’s our brand new, super stoked Director of Marketing:


Now get to know her in this exclusive Q&A!


Q: What were you doing before you became a Magoosher?

A: I’ve worked in marketing for about 10 years — first at a design firm doing user research, then at the San Francisco Opera running their subscription campaigns. I then went to business school at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley where I focused on marketing and nonprofits. Afterward, I worked in marketing at Apple, launching iPhones and iPads around the world, and then I led the marketing team at Smule, a music mobile app startup in San Francisco. Immediately before Magoosh, I took a year to devote to my music career. I sing opera, classical music, and musical theatre professionally. After working full-time jobs for a decade I realized I needed some time to focus on “leveling up” my art. I studied with teachers and coaches in Europe, and it was awesome! Now I’m excited to spend my days at Magoosh and my nights and weekends performing. 🙂


Q: What makes you most stoked about education and/or edtech?

A: Education is empowerment! A thirst for knowledge can get you to places that seemed only imaginable before. I love seeing people learn, whether that’s building a new skill, hands-on learning, or straight up exercising your brain! I love word games and puzzles, and I’ve been using Magoosh’s apps just for fun to learn new words. Magoosh users are incredible — we have so many students who are working full-time jobs and have very busy lives, but they make time to invest in themselves. And investing in yourself is a great bet of amplifying what you can contribute to the world.


Q: What is one interesting fact we should know about you?

A: I play many instruments, and I pronounce many languages. (I speak some of those languages too!)


Q: Top 3 items on your bucket list, go!

A: 1) climb a really, really, really tall mountain

2) experience the joy of holding 8 puppies on my lap at once

3) successfully make a beautiful baked Alaska


Q: What has been your favorite part about working at Magoosh so far?

A: The people here are amazing! Everyone is so passionate about education and works so hard to ensure our students are stoked!